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Oct 1, 2015

Writing History

Whenever someone in Germany reaches for a domestically produced ballpoint pen, it will probably be a Senator. 
Senator has over 90 years of experience in the manufacture and branding of writing instruments. Their inventiveness and close partnership with their customers mean that in Germany the name Senator is synonymous with the ballpoint pen.

But for the retail partners and their customers, Senator are more than just the ballpen people: they are also a leading provider of customized and personalized desk supplies. Alongside the high-quality writing instruments, their range also comprises drinkware, writing cases and accessories.

True to the tradition established by founder Friedrich Merz and in line with the requirements of the retailers, Senator develops new and novel ideas that the market loves. And love them it does: today every third ballpen manufactured in Germany is a Senator. They are the European number 1 and number 3 worldwide.

They produce up to a million ballpens every single day. At the headquarters in Groß-Bieberau, alongside their highly specialized production facility, Senator also houses the entire value chain - conception, design, production, assembly, printing, and logistics - for most of the other ranges. The result? A range of premium-quality promotional items that provide the ideal platform for brand and product messages.

The high quality offer

High-quality products make the best vehicles for a brand. From the customer's point of view, the quality of a promotional item is transferred onto the image of the company it represents. 
Senator makes every effort to develop and produce the most durable products possible, so that these products please the user for as long as possible and boost the clients' images.

They use all this expertise to ensure a level of quality that an importer without the production know-how of its own can scarcely match. And to ensure that this is verifiable, they have all processes and standards audited and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 on an ongoing basis. Environmental management is also audited and certified in accordance with ISO 14001 on a regular basis.

Offer your customers Senator's reliable and tested products - the quality they provide will make it worth your while.

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