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Apr 1, 2016

With a Little the Help from My Dogs

Dogs have been Man's companions for thousands of years. Several archaeological findings have shown this relationship exists for at least, 26,000 years. An example of this are two trails of footprints alongside each other, one of a child, and one of a large canid. In Russia, the fossil skulls of two large canids were found buried near what was once a mammoth-bone hut, from 15,000 years ago, proving what has been said during the past millenniums about the friendship relation between dogs and a Man.


A dog doesn´t need just its fur. It needs protection, control and comfort. It is said that a happy dog is a loyal dog, so it is to assume that the more it is cared for, the more loyal it will be. With this in mind, JULIUS-K9® created dog gear that doesn't hurt, limit or difficult the animal's movement. JULIUS-K9® is a Hungarian company founded in Budapest, in 1997, that produces dog accessories and sportswear, providing high quality and careful design.

The brand's founder, Julius Sebo, invented the dog harness with removable velcro labels that became the first dog accessory that allows to put messages in labels about the animal, such as, "Rescue Dog", providing a special contact between Man and dog.

K9 Harnesses

The material of the K9 harnesses is composed of impregnated, scratchproof outer layer, breathing active inner lining with strong load distributing and sturdy seams. A handle on the back of the harness enables easy holding or lifting of the dog. An abdominal strap has a plastic handle and a chest strap with velcro fastening. A side holder allows to attach more than 400 different yellow and reflective labels.

IDC® Powerharness

The IDC® Powerharness is the first dog harness with velcro patches, invented by the founder of Julius-K9®, and comes with a pair of fluorescent JULIUS-K9® series labels that glows in the dark. The harness has perfect ergonomics, thanks to the chest strap that forwards the power lines of the leash, and a breathable, skin friendly inner liner, made of OEKO-TEX® material, from the highest standards of human clothing manufacturers. A side bag fixing option is available in 3L and 4L versions for the bigger powerharness sizes, and a smaller IDC® Universal side bag, ideal to carry personal documents, vaccines papers or other objects. Its heavy duty buckles don't break, even in cold, frosty weather. The IDC® also works as a visibility vest, with reflective edges and chest strap, making the dog visible in the dark, even from a big distance, and it includes a torch holder, made of rubber to prevent the torch from slipping out, essential for search and rescue dogs, and for every dogs that work in the dark. The handle fixing option allows four different variations: you can fix only the steel ring, the handle, both of them or none of them, helping to minimize the dog's chance of being stuck. It is necessary especially for hunting, search and rescue dogs. In a side note, if the dog is blocked in a place with bad visibility, the IDC® Powerharness allows for free movement backwards, so the dog can escape. Finally, a velcro mounting safety lock increases by 60 kg the load capacity of the buckle under the chest, and ensures safe use, even in the case of chewed buckles.

Besides harnesses, the company also manufactures dog gear such as dog leashes, dog collars, dog toys, muzzles and others; and products for police dog training, for example protective coats, muzzle training, tactical protection.

Today, we care more than ever for our pets. They are, more and more, members of our families, teams, crews or even defence and security forces. Especially dogs, they have come to be more than just our friends – they are companions, therapists, protectors, rescuers. We rely on them to use not only the instinct that is still so embedded in them, but also the intelligence they show more and more, as new techniques of training are used. The dogs are animals seen as increasingly needed in society, and as a result even animal laws and rights have been more and more considered.

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