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Feb 1, 2015

Caucasian and Smooth

"Winery Khareba" is established upon the ancient traditions. The company works over maintenance of the unique vine culture and wine making both using ancient methods and modern technologies.


According to the modern market and technological developments, "Winery Khareba" reorganized and considerably improved technical equipment of the factory. The Company owns the land plot of 745 hectare where unique Georgian and European vine sorts are cultivated and, accordingly, where the high quality wines are produced. Wines are made in two regions: Kakheti - in the east and Imereti - in the west. 

Wine-Making in the East
In Kvareli wine is kept in 7.7 km long tunnel cut off in the stone massif of Caucasian mountain range. The massif includes granite surrounded by shale layers. At any time of the year, the temperature is 10C-11C. Wine is being aged there in the oak barrels.

Grapes are received and processed in Vachnadzeani, which historically is connected to the distinguished noble families - the Jandieri and the Vachnadze. From the 17th century, the Jandiery, as well as the Vachnadze were the famous noble families in the territory of the old Hereti. As a result of the huge contribution and afforts made by the Jandieri, the winery destroyed by enemy invasions, still revived in 1877, which served as the basis for popularization of Georgian wine culture. It's worth nothing that the winery revived by the Jandieri, has been still functioning through "Khareba", which is its turn, due to the special technologies of wine making and quality strenghthened its place in the world and at the same time contributed to promotion of the Georgian wine worldwide. Many awards and certificates proved this fact. As of today, the aforementioned territory is distinguished by the high technologies and equipments.

A vineyard may be treated by modern technologies. As you know, Kakheti has a fertile land, which is the precondition of successful wine-making. Lime rich Kakheti land is the guarantee for development the unique sorts like: Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi, Saperavi, Kisi or any other sorts. 

Wine-Making in the West
The Company "Winery Khareba"'s modern winery of 2,4 hectar is located near the churches of St. giorgi and St. Seraphime Saroveli. 

It's equipped with the modern Italian facilities, and tanks made of stainless metal. Premium category soft and sparkling wines of "Winery Khareba" are being made here, thanks to the blend of the knowledge and modern technologies. 

The company owns 900 sq. m. wine cellar, equipped with new French oak barrels.

The worthy representatives of the western wine sorts are: Tsitska, from which a sparkling wine is also made upon classical approach; Krakhuna, tsolikauri, Otskhanuri Sapere, Aladasturi, Usakhelauri.

Further "Winery Khareba" intends cultivation of 40 hectar vineyard on the best land plots of Imereti where unique but vanishing "Imeruli" sorts would be presented. 

During selective vintage, the best bunches of grapes are placed to the wine cellar where they still undergo selection. this process is the major requisite for making high quality wine. Wines are made taking into account the best wine making traditions and the European standards.

Thanks to diversity of vine sorts and different climatic conditions "Winery Khareba" is able to produce a product of a special quality mark. Special work style and wine development in the wine cellar point to the "vivid" range. Highly skilled and competent staff constantly tries to improve the quality of wine.

When making wine, much attention is paid to the harmonic blend of traditions and innovations. thus, our assortment is the blend of high-tech technologies and traditional manual wine-making.

"Winery Khareba" produces the following wines in the Western Georgia: Tsitska, Krakhuna, Tsolikauri, Otskhanuri Sapere, Aladasturi, Usakhelauri, and the following wines in the Eastern Georgia: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Khikhvi, Kisi, Saperavi, Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni.

When tasting wine, you'll feel a taste from the floral aroma of the young wine to the best bouquets of the aged wine.

We use Tsitska grapes when making our sparkling wines. A sparkling wine is made according to the method of classic champagne. We use pure sweet wine dosing. Multi-year aging is a major requisite for making a special aroma. Wine is distinguished for its herbal, spice extract and citrus aroma. Besides it is accompanied by a gentle bouquet of a cream cake developed in the process of multi-year aging. A sparkling wine is unique due to making high quality wine products.

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