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Dec 1, 2016


Teerenpeli Single Malt Whisky is produced in Teerenpeli Distillery, in Finland. Because of its quality, the products can be on sale for short periods of time.

The combination of the best barley with pure Salpausselkä groundwater results in Teerenpeli Single Malt Whisky. This whiskey is produced in Finland by using domestic raw materials and Finnish malt. It has unique character and flavor and is pleasant, features that made it stand out in Helsinki, Finland, Stockholm, Sweden and London, England.

The first whiskey Teerenpeli was produced for about 20 years ago. Since then this brand has seen a great demand for its products, so its whiskeys are sold in short periods of time. BY the moment, the brand sells Portti, Kaski, 10 Yo and Karhi whiskeys.


Portti whiskey went through a three - four years' maturation process in bourboun casks. It has been over a year and a half in port wine barrels. It has brown, gold and red colors and the smell of fruit and roasted sugar. It has a mild taste with black pepper notes and port wine tones.


Kaski is a whiskey made in selected "sherry cask", which results in brown sugar color. It smells like fruit and peat. With smooth and rich flavor, it leaves a spicy and raisin cake aftertaste.

10 Y0

The first Finnish whiskey ten years is 10 Y0. With light brownish tone, leaves a smell of vanilla and caramel taste and a rich touch, simultaneously soft and warm. It follows from matured made in bourbon (80%) and sherry (20%) casks.


With light bronze colour, smell of chocolate with spices and flavor of dried fruit and peppermint, the Karhi is perfect to drink after dinner. It was matured over five to seven years in bourbon casks and, in last year, in wood barrel.

Located in Lahti, Teerenpeli Distillery was founded in 2002. It uses Scottish artisanal pots for maturation of whiskey that, by law, must take place in oak casks for three years. They use casks of ex-sherry, bourboun, port wine and rum coming from Scotland and Spain. They produce more than 100 000 litres of new spirit per year and are, therefore, the biggest distillery in Finland.

Tourists can visit, by appointment, the first Teerenpeli distillery located in the "Taivaabranta" Restaurant. The products are for sale in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Norway.

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Teerenpeli Whisky Distillery
Rautatienkatu 13, 15110 Lahti, Finland

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