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Apr 1, 2016

Where Divers Go for Training

Commercial divers perform a plethora of actions underwater, and are responsible for assuring the safety and integrity of structures, ships, people and businesses. Having the proper training to accomplish these tasks is extremely important for both the diver and the client. Training in a good diver's school is paramount and there is no shortage of work for well trained and specialized divers.


Founded in 1977, DAI - Diver's Academy International is a world renowned school that trains commercial divers and specializes them in various activities, including underwater welding and wet welding.

The school focuses on quality education and safety training while meeting the demand for commercial divers in the offshore oil industry, as well as inland harbours and international rivers. As the commercial dive evolved, DAI expanded and advanced its curriculum, certifications, facilities, technology, and faculty to stay ahead of current industry demands.

Students at Divers Academy International benefit from a single tuition cost that includes a comprehensive commercial diving and underwater welding education, and a complete set of certifications. Whereas other commercial diving and underwater welding schools charge separately for each course component and then require additional fees for certifications, DAI gives the new divers everything they need in one package, at one affordable cost.

The school features a custom-designed complex, that comprises facilities for training, instruction, and testing, including a 12 hectare long, 18-meter-deep open water dive quarry that will give every student the feeling of real-world situations – something impossible to get from commercial dive training tanks.

The full course lasts 20 weeks. Within this time the student receives intensive commercial dive and underwater welder training. The Academy's full-immersion training methodology and modern training facilities will provide the new divers with an employer's most sought-after qualification: on-the-job experience.

Commercial divers are very important in various areas, especially those directly related the ocean or marine activities. For example, offshore oil rigs are prime work opportunities for commercial divers, with their constant inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Bridges, tunnels, and dams are in constant need of divers, and often involve underwater welding and underwater construction jobs.

Every structure on and under the water requires regular inspection and maintenance, as well as occasional emergency repair work. 

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