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Dez 1, 2014

We fly anywhere to get you everywhere

The airline's concept of positive image shaping is based on the safe regular and punctual operations as well as on improvement of passenger service quality.

On 7 November 1933, the first Belarusian air terminal opened in Minsk. In the next spring 3 Po-2 aircraft landed in Minsk. They became the first aircraft of the Belarusian air fleet. In 1936 the first regular air route between Minsk and Moscow was established. In the summer of 1940 the Belarusian civil aviation group was officially founded.
In 1964, the Tupolev Tu-124 aircraft received Belarusian registration.
In 1973, the then new Tupolev Tu-134A began operating in Belarus. In 1983 Belarusian aviation started flying the new Tupolev Tu-154 planes.
On 1 February 1985, a Soviet Tupolev Tu-134 crashed near Minsk killing at least 58 out of 80 people on board. The accident happened due to clear ice ingestion into the engines as a result of inadequate deicing before takeoff. Both engines sustained serious damage and stalled.
The airline was officially founded on 5 March 1996 in accordance with a resolution of the Belarusian Government "About the restructuring of air transport of the Republic Belarus", when the local Aeroflot division was nationalised and renamed. Between then and 1998 Belavia opened regular routes to Beijing, Istanbul, Larnaca, London, Prague, and Rome.
In 1998, Belavia merged with Minsk Avia, acquiring several Antonov An-24, Antonov An-26 and Yakovlev Yak-40 aircraft in addition to existing fleet of Tupolev Tu-134 and Tupolev Tu-154 airplanes.
On 18 May 2001, Belavia commenced a Minsk-Paris scheduled service with Tu154s and Tu134s. In 2003 Belavia started publishing an in-flight magazine Horizons in English, Russian and Belarusian (partially).
On 16 October 2003, Belavia signed a leasing agreement for its first Boeing 737-500 aircraft.
In 2004, Belavia further extended operations and acquired one more Boeing 737. On 26 June 2004 Belavia opened a new route to Hanover, Germany. 2011 opened the airline its route between Minsk and Helsinki-Vantaa in Finland. This flight is a joint service with Finnair
Three leased Bombardier CRJ 100 aircraft were introduced on regional services from Minsk. The first one was delivered in February 2007, with the other two later in 2007. They directly replaced the aging Antonov An-24 and Tupolev Tu-134 aircraft.
The government is reportedly also considering merging regional carrier Gomelavia and cargo operator Trans Avia Export into Belavia.

Belavia presents new cabin crew uniform
Traditional and already familiar to Belavia's passengers white, blue and turquoise uniform will be replaced by two variants - winter and summer ones. "Change of the uniform has been an important issue for us as previously it had been designed for all seasons, what is certainly inconvenient for flight attendants. We hope that new seasonal variants will be appreciated not only by flight attendants, but also by passengers", stated Anatoly Gusarov, General Director of Belavia – Belarusian Airlines.
Winter kit is designed in blue and red colours and is fully consistent with corporate colours of the air carries. Summer kit is designed in accordance with the wishes of flight attendants and is made in non-standard for Belavia colours - white, gray and pink. The uniform includes a jacket, a vest, a blouse / a shirt, a skirt / trousers, a cap, an apron and a scarf. A coat and a hat are added to the winter kit, and a raincoat – to the summer kit. In addition, in the summer kit for female flight attendants has a sundress.
The suits have been designed by Elvira Zhvikova, senior art director of the Belarusian Fashion Center. "We tried to take into account the wishes of flight attendants as well as current trends. We believe we got a wonderful mix of style and utility" – Ms Zhvikova said. The new uniform will become a new trademark of Belavia's crew for the next three years.

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