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Jan 1, 2017


VEAR has developed waterproof pants inspired by the Scandinavian climate and those who practice outdoor sports.

The outdoor sport adepts are growing, as the number of those who move to work by bike or motorcycle. Thinking about theirs needs and rainy days, VEAR has developed elegant, breathable and waterproof pants inspired by the Scandinavian climate. The Legs Jacket come to revolutionize travels and sports. In November, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on Kickstarter to raise funds for its production. The production is expected to start on February.

"Rain is the number one reason people cycle less", says Valentin Nicoară, one of VEAR founders. "We saw a need for high-performance rain pants with contemporary stylish design for cyclists and walkers who need to stay dry and comfortable", adds the responsible.

That's how the Legs Jacket came in, waterproof and windproof pants thoughtfully designed to ensure the comfort of those that travel through rain or snow for leisure or work. "More and more people are biking and walking to work", says the responsible that guarantees that these revolutionary pants can be "a key part of their professional wardrobe on snowy, rainy, damp and cool days."

Legs Jacket have double front pockets that allow easy access to the clothes underneath, as well as an adjustable waist band and shoe protectors. They are easy and quick to use and can be very useful also on days dedicated to golf, mountain biking or motorcycling. They are lightweight and easy to fold, store and carry. The pants have reflectors that promote visibility and, therefore, safety. They will be available in two versions, one for daily use and the other for more demanding activities. It is possible to undo them in less than 15 seconds, and without removing shoes.

VEAR founders believe in developing a sustainable business that contributes to the circular economy model. They have therefore pledged in the durability of the pants materials that, if left unused, can be returned to VEAR for recycling.

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