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Nov 1, 2016


We live in an age in which the diet is filled with acidic foods and beverages. However, our body needs a balance between acidity and alkalinity in order to function correctly. Alkalinity generally promotes and maintains optimal health, while acidity has a negative impact.

When we lean acidic, our bodies compensate through natural buffers, which kick in to maintain the necessary alkalinity in the body. Alkaline water offers a convenient and safe way to balance our body's pH.

The DYLN Living Alkaline Water Bottle by DYLN, a North-American company from Newport Beach, California, is a means to give your body the perfect balance. It is a water bottle that alkalinizes water. To do this, it uses a diffuser, the VitaBead Diffuser, which encloses some active pearls, called "VitaBeads".

"VitaBeads" are a proprietary blend of all natural minerals, mainly magnesium, tourmaline, zinc, and silica, that increase the pH and decrease the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). ORP is a measurement of the oxidizing agents in drinking water: whereas a positive ORP means there's oxidation (aging/deterioration) potential, a negative ORP indicates antioxidant (anti-aging/beneficial) potential.

The Living Alkaline Water Bottle has a cap made of bamboo, stainless steel, a silicone sealer, and a convenient handle. It also comes with a tool piece to easily remove the Diffuser for cleaning or replacement, after the "VitaBeads" recommended 400 refill lifespans (based on the 750mL volume of the bottle). The container is made from the highest quality marine-grade stainless steel, and a removable silicone sleeve in various colours makes it anti-slip, and aesthetically pleasant.

The bottle will start alkalizing the water immediately, typically taking between 15 and 25 minutes for the water to reach an optimal level of over 8.5 pH.  Depending upon the source water, the "VitaBeads" were formulated to level at around 9.5 pH. Because this bottle does not filter water, it should be purified or filtered.

Ecomo Smart Bottle

Water, an essencial good for life, nowadays has become a luxury. Unfortunately, water is not always potable, nor accessible, but there are people that having this un mind create innovative products to provide good drinking water anywhere.

Water bottles are almost a necessity nowadays. The urban pipelines' water isn't always good to drink, and if one wants to go hiking, camping, or just take a walk at a remote area, water may be needed, but it probably will not always be available. Meet Ecomo, the world's first "Shake-to-test" and "Twist-to-filter" smart water bottle, campaigning on Kickstarter during this November.

This bottle was conceived by Ecomo Inc., a technology start-up. The Ecomo Bottle aims to bring clean water to everyone, at the same time as it minimizes the usage of plastic bottles - it saves approximately 228 plastic disposable water bottles within three months of use. 

This breakthrough bottle helps to have drinking water available anywhere. Its testing system indicates the quality of the water you fill the bottle with. And all it takes, is shaking. Shake the water-filled bottle, and the LED display on the side, or the Ecomo mobile app, will give real-time feedback on the water's temperature; the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) - pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and petroleum products; the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - dissolved minerals, salts, and other impurities; and turbidity - silt, rust, and cloudiness.

To filter the water, just turn the filter wheel, and the cleaning process begins. Ecomo's built-in filter will remove most contaminants through a three-in-one filtering system: Activated Carbon Fibre to remove chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and petroleum; Ion Exchange Filter to remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper and cadmium; Nano-fibre Microfiltration Membrane, that effectively filters up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria in the water.

Furthermore, there is the Ecomo app, which will provide real-time water quality alerts, history data, hydration alerts, and notification for changing the filter. The bottle also includes the Ecomo tracker, a wearable activity tracker, in the form of a wristband, that computes your hydration needs, tracks your intake, and alerts you about bad water quality.

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