Dec 31, 2015

Water from the Desert

Since the 1950s, Israel has been pioneering the world of irrigations systems, from drip irrigation to natural pesticides. After all, the deserts reigns here, and these also created this need to water it. Necessity is the mother of invention, and these inventions have been shared with the world. No other country has achieved as many breakthroughs in this area as Israel.


NaanDanJain Irrigation Ltd.

NaanDanJain Irrigation Ltd. is the leading global producer and provider of tailor-made irrigation solutions, offering the widest range of cost-effective and customized technologies across more than 100 countries worldwide. With over 70 years of experience, NaanDanJain designs high quality solutions that deliver increased productivity per unit of resources, the expertise driving higher crop yields, minimizing risk, and saving precious non-renewable resources.

Since 2007, the merger of NaanDan and Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd has created enriching, multi-cultural business synergy alongside significant product portfolio expansion and Research and Development activities.

With nine subsidiaries, five international manufacturing plants, and a multinational network of sales representatives, the company has a strong presence on all continents. The company's solutions are based on extensive know-how accumulated by a world-renowned team of agricultural experts, design engineers and technicians.

Quality & Environment Policy

NaanDanJain deal with Nature's most valuable resource—water, and are totally committed to supplying the highest quality products, installations and services that meet or exceed the customers' needs and requirements. Their goals include customer-focused culture, providing products and services which meet or exceed the customer's needs and expectations; continuous improvement; corrective and preventive actions in every case of non-compatibility; development of Human Resources, enhancing employees' skills through training, and also encouraging and fostering a spirit of teamwork; compliance with requirements of the law in all activities; environmental consciousness and sustainability, through recycling, conservation of resources, prevention of pollution and promotion of environmental responsibility amongst employees; Health & Safety striving to minimize all forms of pollution, such as noise, smell and solid waste, by installing the necessary controls and providing good work conditions; involvement in the community encouraging integration and volunteering in the community; business success, using planning techniques to optimize the investment in facilities and equipment, while meeting agreed-upon performance levels; setting a personal example encouraging that all  employees, at all levels of the organization, need to be committed to, and involved in the promotion of quality; maximization of irrigation efficiency and water consumption reduction in project planning and development.

Professional Support

NaanDanJain is strongly committed to provide products and services to its customers to meet or exceed their needs and expectations. The professional and dedicated team of agronomists and design engineers and technicians works in tandem with customers to help them plan and execute their irrigation systems – from the choice of the crops, turnkey water conducting projects, detailed irrigation solution plans to the installations of irrigation systems in the field.

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