Jun 1, 2015

Warmth and comfort

Ah, wood. So natural, beautiful, and so good looking on your garden porch. Wouldn't it be nice if you could floor your home, or get your walls cladded with specialized thermo-enhanced wood from Finland? If so, then your choice could easily be ThermoWood®.

ThermoWood® is a registered trademark, and uses a certified patented method of thermal modification of wood using no chemicals. Instead, a three phase process is applied: firstly, the wood's temperature is rapidly raised up to around 100 °C, using heat and steam, then steadily to 130 °C, reducing moisture content to almost zero. Secondly, the wood is heated from 185 to 215°C, the specific temperature depending on the treatment chosen. Then, when the desired temperature is defined, it remains constant for about 2-3 hours, whith steam apllied to prevent cracking of the wood. Lastly, the wood is sprayed with water to cool it down, and re-moistured to raise the moisture level to 4-6%.

 This process takes the wood's properties to a whole new level. Its durability is much higher, making it very appealing for uses in harsh weather conditions, but also for interior design and decoration. It also features reduced thermal conductivity, no resin, reduced splitting system, slightly less bending strength and constant color. Furthermore, the brand guarantees the quality, both technical and ecological of the products.

Ecologically, the brand is careful about the origins of the wood, choosing to harvest it from certified forests. Plus, its energy consumption levels comparing to other drying methods is nearly equal to these, thanks to the shorter amount of time it takes. In addition, the energy is produced by burning bark and wood waste, and since only heat and steam that is used, there's no leach of harmful substances to the ground!
Because the manufacturing process of ThermoWood is based only on the use of high temperature and steam, any harmful substances do not leach to the ground from products.

Since this wood is much more stable, with reduced deformation, removal of resin, and a coated surface, it needs less maintenance. Its versatile appearance makes it so that it can be used to replace non-sustainable wood species. When the wwod reaches the end of its useful life, it can still be used in energy production or, since it uses no chemicals, disposed of like normal waste!


One of the authorized brands to use Thermowood® is Lunawood. In 2002, brothers Aulis and Olavi Kärkkäinen began to produce ThermoWood® as a family business with just 9 employees. Since then, the company came to be a market leader globally, on the Thermowod® area. Offering wood for several purposes like exterior cladding, solar shades, saunas, interior design and other structures, the brand gives us a great panoply of uses for this wood. One of them is in your garden! Since it's eco-friendly and resistant, it makes the perfect finish for garden details such as fencing, garden furniture ou even for decking, but also for cladding! Yes, this wood is so resistant, it can be used in facades. Since it does not alter its shape with environmental variation, you canexpect a long lasting beautiful wooden facade for you house. As for the inside of you house, Lunawood® provides you with material for that too. It's a natural, non-toxic product, making it the ideal solution for home decoration.

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