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Jul 1, 2015

Warm houses from Finland

The magic of Lapland and the call of the wilderness. The superiority of northern wood, having grown in an arctic environment, and utilizing it in log house building. With these ideas Artichouse was born in 1979. Strong northern wood convinced our customers and worked as the bearing notion in building holiday homes.


During the early years of Artichouse, most of the cabins sold were built in Finland and export was only occasional. At the end of the 80s, Artichouse was one of Finland's best known log cabin manufacturers and our business was entirely focused around the exhibition area established near Ring III, a beltway in the Helsinki region.

As years went by, the business focus shifted. During the recession in Finland in the 1990s, Artichouse invested in export and thanks to many international building projects, export became the company's most important source of income. Through these projects, Artichouse learned to design and manufacture not only cabins but also detached houses and larger office buildings.

The demand for detached houses that use logs as raw material rose also in Finland. The sales in Europe provided vital experience and soon Artichouse manufactured log villas, detached houses and holiday villages around the world. New computer based design programs made individual planning and manufacturing of log houses much easier, allowing the company to take customers' wishes into consideration; designing and manufacturing detached houses made from logs became the most important part of the business of Artichouse in Finland.

In 1997 Artichouse invested in its own factory in Sodankylä and the long-standing dream of being completely in charge of production finally came true. By 2005, the company exported to more than thirty countries and due to new successes the capacity of the factory was doubled, allowing the delivery of over one hundred trucks to Russia in 2009 and the building of houses in every continent. Today you can find Artichouses projects in ski resorts, holiday villages, golf centers and club buildings around the world. 

Why polar pine from Artichouse?

Wood is by far the most durable, ecological and healthy building material. A log house, when built correctly, has a fresh and clean indoor climate all year round and it thus advances health. A natural setting creates peace of mind and well-being. The carbon footprint of a log house is reversed – in other words it is a so called carbon sink.

Artichouse builds while cherishing nature. Wood is an entirely renewable natural resource. Every year in Finland, less forest is cut down than new is grown in its place. The wood by Artichouse is unique polar pine that has grown for a long time. It is durable and does not crack. Also, the company's energy efficient factory is located in the middle of the best raw materials and the excess energy produced by the factory is directed to the local village's use.

Polar pine grows slowly and has a dense structure. Using polar pine as raw material for log walls is a guarantee of high quality and durability. 

The tensile strength, which is measured by pulling the wood fiber from the opposite direction, reduces the wood material's susceptibility to cracking and improves joint durability, and is much greater with the polar pine than its southern counterpart. Also, the surface hardness of the polar pine in relation to the density of the timber is greater than that of the southern pine.

There are also other factors that affect wood density. Even though wood density is small in the north, the lumber made from polar pine is stronger than its southern counterpart because of its straight wood fiber and smaller branches, among other factors. Extra strong varieties are also available, more so than with any other types of coniferous trees.

Artichouse logs and wall constructions can be modified to meet all quality standards. They are energy efficient, ecological and durable. Artichouse log walls are also a resident's as well as a builder's dream. A log house is fast to set up and thanks to the qualities of the logs, the inside air in the residence remains healthy and constant all year round.

Professional staff and strict quality control in the factory guarantees that every Artichouse has perfectly fitting and airtight log corners. The company also manufactures Artichouse City Corners that make it possible to build log houses in urban areas.

A broad selection of different log profiles and wall constructions guarantee that your apartment gets the right look.

Petikontie 25

Tel: +358 10 231 48 00
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E-mail: artic@artichouse.fi


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