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Apr 1, 2016

Walk with Style and Elegance

Used ancestrally by hunters, walking sticks are indispensable for those who need a daily or a hiking support, but they are also useful for authors, poets, writers or simply to complete the wardrobe with a style accessory, at least, that is the experience of Classic Canes, a walking sticks brand created in 1982 in Somerset, England.

Known for style, quality and elegance of their canes, Classic Canes was present in what is considered the biggest shopping event of the year in the industry, the International Spring Fair at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, last February, where new models were displayed. The annual presentation of new models is one of the brand's priorities, to whom these objects should be, in addition to functional, attractive, and so it innovates permanently to remain at the forefront of the industry.

With the arrival of spring and the Easter holidays, the months of March and April are conducive to walking and riding in the countryside, which leads to a greater demand for various types of walking sticks, such as for hiking, with a seat, folding or simply for support. To meet the diverse needs of customers, the company features ranges that include economic sticks for everyday use, elaborated and fine for more specific uses, from classic to the most extravagant. For example, the so-called British "stick" is usually made from a simple stick used for daily support or day ride through the countryside. The 'cane' is more formal and elegant, made of a stronger wood, and used as an accessory and support.

Of all nations, the British are, for centuries now, the most enthusiastic users of walking sticks. Made of smart hardwood or old formal canes with a silver head are the favourite accessory of urban gentlemen. As for the more traditional models, made of blackthorn or with apple and hazelnut gages, these are most popular among British rural areas. They are loyal friends of those who use them as support for balance in daily tasks, but they are also a way to express personality. The ladies, in particular, often have large wardrobes with walking sticks to combine with different colours of clothes.

A family company, founded in 1982, Classic Canes Ltd is specialized in the manufacture of rustic sticks and the cultivation of raw materials in the forests of Somerset, England, mainly ash, hazel and blackthorn woods, and distributes to a large chain of retailers in over 40 countries. It all began in 1970, when Ben and Diana Porter bought a romantic property in ruins, in the Somerset forest. In love with the location, they gradually reconstructed the house and discovered that the surrounding land was suitable for cultivation of the raw material to produce sticks. In 1982, they offered a small range of sticks to local retailers, who immediately requested more. It didn´t take too long until they were creating and decorating carved walking sticks, which emphasized the authority, prestige, profession or owner of the craft, such as the bishop's crosier, the bailiff's cane, or the shepherd's crook. The sticks gained various forms and utilities, from sticks hiding swords and weapons, to canes with incrusted glamorous jewels, and women's models with perfume atomizers and lipsticks. Currently, Classic Canes offers over 650 products.

There are also those who collect them. The most famous collectors include George VI, Queen Victoria, The Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII), President Washington, Napoleon, Peter the Great, Louis XIV of France, among many others. Currently, Prince Charles, the boxer Chris Eubank, the designer Betty Jackson, the comedian Dawn French, the journalist and stylist Anna Piaggi, singers Cleo Laine and Dame Vera Lynn, are some of the figures spotted with the brand's sticks. Authors, poets and writers recognize their usefulness so much that have dedicated them some words, "the best, most exquisite automobile is a walking stick; and one of the finest things in life is going on a journey with it", said the writer Robert Cortes in "Walking-Stick Papers".

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