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Apr 1, 2017


Who remembers Run DMC? What about Stan Smith? And who does not know Adidas? What do the famous brand of the three tracks and the aforementioned names have in common? The glorious 80's. 

Many of those who now wear Adidas Stan Smith were not alive by the time they appeared and probably did not even know that Run DMC, an American band from New York, was forever immortalized by Hip Hop culture and linked to the creation of its urban look . With Adidas sneakers without laces marking the compass in the foreground of the music video Walk This Way, starring with the AeroSmith. Also, ​​one of the first successes of the band was called My Adidas. Andby the way, the model is the Superstar, sneakers for volleyball that celebrated 35 years, and of course ... a classic of fashion.

As for Stan Smith was an American tennis player who won the first MastersCup in 1970 and gave his name to another of the famous and classic sneakers model. We could go on and talk about the Samba or the Hamburg. But let's talk about other curiosities of this brand that globalized the use of tennis and turned models into classics.

Adidas, whose original name was Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, was created in Germany in 1924 when Adi Dassler decided to create a model of tennis named after the union of their two names. In 1927 his brother Rudolf joined the business and in 1936, at the Olympic games of the Nazi era, Adi went to the Olympic village to convince the famous African-American sprinter Jesse Owens to wear his sneakers shoes. Jesse Owens was the first athlete sponsored by Adidas.

In 1947 the brothers separated and Rudolf created another great sports equipment company, Puma.

These stories came about because a new model created by the brand. They are called Acapulco, and surprisingly they are not sneakers. They are a whole new concept of sleapers and as is characteristic in this type of shoe there are no laces or any other clamping system. However in addition to the leather Adidas joined the typical rubber outsole without a heel so that the elegance of a shoe would ally the comfort of some sneakers.

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