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Nov 30, 2015

Vintage accessories for your modern computer

If you go around the web trying to find the most unusual computer accessories, you might have already contacted with this small but very interesting company. Steampunk, vintage and other incredibly designed and manufactured pieces are avaliable, for a price. Yes, it's all handmade in southern california.


The story of Datamancer Enterprises begins in a cramped, one-car garage in New Jersey, where a talented young artist by the name of Richard R. Nagy began combining his interests in art, antique restoration, electronics and computers by fabricating strange and wonderful "retro-Victorian"-themed computers and peripherals. Eventually, the internet took notice and his work started to appear in publications and on websites around the globe. He began selling commissioned artwork and a few years later decided to turn his hobby into a business, moving his operation to a modest workshop in southern California. Several years and many happy customers later, Datamancer.com was created as a sales portal for his interesting hand-made creations.

Datamancer's luxurious keyboards, mice and displays are painstakingly handcrafted works of art and have been seen in many publications and on television, including SyFy Channel's "Warehouse 13" and NBC's "It's worth What?"
All of the keyboards use the highest-quality mechanical keyswitches which, unlike a standard off-the-shelf "soft-touch" style "throwaway" keyboard, are rated for millions of keypresses and years of reliable service.
Customizations are available upon request including different fonts, personalized icons, symbols or names on the spacebar, different metals, finishes and faceplate materials. Datamancer allows for full customization of any keyboard.

Our keyboard pick: The Alchemist

Gothic design arose out of architectural discovery and aesthetic desire. Prior to the twelfth century, architects struggled to accommodate the sheer weight of the stones they used, severely limiting the potential of designs. The Gothic era, however, brought about incredible architectural advancement, allowing cathedrals to sprout from the earth with arches to pierce the once unreachable sky. The ornate beauty of this piece captures the gothic aesthetic that defined medieval Europe. This keyboard features typewriter keys with Alchemical symbols.

Our mouse pick: The Telegraph

In 1837 Samuel Morse patented an electrical telegraph that quickly replaced the prevalent Pony Express in America. It was controlled by a one handed telegraph key, which is a switching device used to send out Morse code. The key had a knob that would be depressed to temporarily make an electrical connection which could be deciphered by the receiver on the other end. Today, computers have replaced the telegraph for rapid communication, and they are controlled by a pointing device called a computer mouse. Richard Nagy had the idea to combine these two amazing hand-operated devices into one. Making a computer mouse that hearkened back to the idea of a clicking telegraph key.

Our display pick: The Marquis

Following in the fashion of the Marquis keyboard, the Marquis Display is an elegant all brass construction with an acanthus leaf engraving. The wooden base complements the design style as well as it provides structural support. The back is also made of wood in a complementary stain to create overall unity with the design. Can also be made with engravings depicting elements from the Chinese zodiac.

Since LCDs have no standardization from brand to brand, each LCD from Datamancer is basically a "one-off", so there will be subtle differences from the LCD in the photo. Button panels may appear differently, and some structural elements may vary slightly.

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