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Oct 1, 2015

Twice the Star

Converse has decided it was time to remake the iconic shoe. The Chuck Taylor All Star has been redesigned, reinvented.


Because the shoe spread through almost every urban tribe, and after almost 100 years of existence, Converse decided it was time to adapt it to this audience of non-sport fans. This is the first time the Chuck Taylor All Star was redesigned
since it first was created.

The shoe was originally made for basketball players, but everybody else started wearing them too! Artists, skaters, musicians, everybody saw something special in the sneakers, and thus, the Chuck Taylor All Star became a part of so many people's lives.

The brand affirms they are obsessed with creative spirits and realized these spirits wanted more. A sneaker that meets the demands of their "on the go" lifestyle.

Even though it didn't lose its familiar looks, there is more to it than meets the eye. The shoe now features a Lunarlon sockliner, to add cushioning to the wearer's feet and provide arch support using Nike's Lunarlon foam material; micro-suede lining, to help prevent the wearer's feet from getting too hot and sweaty; premium canvas construction and a padded tongue, for 360 degree comfort around the ankle and instep, with a non-slip finish.

These changes all come together to bring Chuck Taylor All Star II, with all the classics included: The original design's rubber toe-cap, All Star ankle patch and textured foxing – the white rubber strip that connects the sole to the canvas upper.

The new design is available in the classic high-top style, and a low-cut version – with a rectangular patch at the top of the tongue – and is available in black, red, blue and all-white.


Converse began in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specializing in galoshes. In 1917, Converse began producing its basketball shoes, using the rubber from the factory to make sneakers. In 1920, the canvas basketball sneaker was renamed the "All Star."  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star design is named after a basketball player who helped refine and improve the design of the shoes, and became a Converse spokesman in the 1920s.

Taylor suggested the adding of a protective patch to the ankle, which led to the addition of the distinctive round reinforcement on the side, with its star-shaped logo, and later, in 1932 Taylor's name was added to the patch.

All Stars were worn by a variety of professional basketball players. Soon after, All Stars were even being worn by athletes in the Olympics.

In the 1960s, Converse began to expand and open more factories. By then, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars were being worn by most of professional and college basketball players. Time went by, and the shoe became more popular among various groups and subcultures.

Originally an elite basketball shoe, the Chuck Taylor All Star evolved into the shoe of choice for many subcultures. Tree Rollins was the last player to wear Converse All Stars in the NBA when in the 1979–1980 season he laced up modified Chuck Taylors which had the Circle Star patch removed on the inside ankle.

Nike bought Converse in 2003, a deal which was worth an estimated USD305 million, making Converse's the first range of Nike to be marketed under its own name, instead of the Nike banner.

To this day, the spirit of Converse continues with all of the sneakers and apparel for All Star, Cons and Jack Purcell. It is still worn by people all across the world, and more importantly across urban tribes. Probably every day you see a pair in someone's feet.

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