Apr 1, 2015

True pioneers

For years Pioneer has introduced innovative and high quality products into the market. A world-first in many ways, the japanese company has been through several changes over the years, but kept the original philosophy that gave birth to some of the best audio products for decades. After a few years away from the limelight, the brand is coming back.


Pioneer developed the LaserDisc, helped introduce the CD player to the world, created the modular hi-fi and the Plasma TV. Yes, they did all this and most of us never noticed.

As other brands came and gone, this japanese company continued to live on its clients memory, becoming a synonym of quality, reliability and fair prices. Well… most of the times. The LaserDisc was one of Pioneer's many inventions, but it failed to become a standard, mainly due to the size of the optical discs and the complexity of the engineering, wich never allowed for a budget-priced equipment. Nevertheless, Pioneer kept on manufacturing the LaserDisc players and selling them to a slowly-growing market. The "LD" as it is known today, was the first consumer digital optical video disc, until the introduction of the DVD.

Pioneer started, as many other brands, in the mind of its creator, Nozumu Matsumoto, back in 1937 when he developed the A-8 Dynamic Speaker. A small, all-in-one compact speaker, that allowed for better sound quality speaker systems. The product was well accepted by the local japanese market and in January the next year, Mr. Matsumoto founded Fukuin Shokai Denki Seisakusho. After the Second World War, the company's name was changed to Fukuin Denki Kabushiki Kaisha, but the name only changed definitely in 1961 when Pioneer Corporation was started in Tokyo.

In 1962 Pioneer enters an era of research, discovery and expansion with the release of the world's first separate stereo system, wich was different from existing products as the speakers were detached from the main body. This totally revolutionized the design for this type of products and was adopted by all major brands. With the company's expansion into Europe and the USA, Pioneer began to have more funds to apply into research and development of new products and concepts. As the brand's market share grew, the products line expanded and Pioneer introduced more innovative products.

In time, Pioneer lauched various products that proved the company's technological advance. The first component car stereo, the LaserDisc – both for industrial and home use -, the first combined LD/CD player, the first car CD player, the first GPS car navigation system, the first DVD recorder for home use, the first 50-inch HD plasma display for consumers – followed by the first 1080p TV screen -, the first DVD player for DJ and VJ use, the first BlueRay player, and many more wich became word's first, by Pioneer.

Today, the japanese brand is the primary choice for DJs and VJs around the world, developing professional products where high quality and durability are the main concern. Its car audio products are used by some of the main names in industruy to equip their vehicles and the home product range, updated with new engineering designs is redefining itself as a standard.

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