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Apr 1, 2015

Treat your Money Right

Harold Parisot Conseils is a unique venture, as the first French interemediation business dedicated to the needs of private clientele.


Also known as The City of Light and the capital of luxury and glamour, Paris is a source of fascination the world over due to its elegance, its beautiful architecture, its culture, and the preservation of its historical heritage.

A number of French entrepreneurs, but international clients in particular: wealthy Americans; Ile Saint Louis and 7th arrondissement enthusiasts; Italians, who often opt for areas in the historical centre, such as Le Marais; Russian businessmen; Brazilians; and families from the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, who prefer the famous Triangle d'Or (Montaigne, Champs Elysées, George V), although in 2010 a princess from the Gulf bought a townhouse near the Champ de Mars for 12.8 million euros. In 2011, this group of international clients included 1% of new Chinese millionaires. For 2012, it is forecast that this figure will rise to more than 2%. First and foremost, international clients are looking for authenticity and Haussmanian style: a beautiful dressed stone façade, high ceilings, parquet, moulding and chimney. Certain features emerge with regularity, such as a terrace with an unobstructed view of Paris and a private garden with an open outlook, parking, etc.

Now even less expensive than London, Paris provides buyers with the opportunity to acquire lavish properties: townhouses, apartments featuring terraces with a view of the Eiffel Tower or the Seine… magnificent homes rich in history that have been preserved and restored. Beautiful and romantic, Paris cannot be built up or out and, in 90% of cases, constructions are protected by historical monuments. It is for this reason the world invests in Paris. Prices remain reasonable compared to other capitals, and investments are totally secure. Property in Paris is the surest way to have a secure investment that will continue to rise in value over the long-term. n Paris, several real estate agencies specialise in high-end properties. Of these, Harold Parisot Conseils France differs from the others in its elitist approach, providing an exclusive, "tailor-made" service. The prestige properties offered by this firm are essentially "off market" properties, which, as a result, are not offered for sale through agencies. These properties are unique and rare, and are sold in private sales between buyers and sellers. With its large, long-established network of trust with the worlds of banking, insurance and big business, its highly selective approach allows high net worth individuals to conduct transactions with the most important professionals in privacy.

Far from stylish catalogues, or great pictures, some major investments can change hands in full discretion. And that's the job for Harold Parisot. After thirty eight years in the investment business, Harold Parisot is one of the most importante trader in Paris.

Discretion and confidenciality are the main words for the company, wether it is related to Real Estate Busines or Art investments.

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