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Sep 1, 2016


Imagine a grey sunset, or sunrise, rainbow, a black and white drawing made by your little son, a grey bouquet of roses for your birthday, imagine the world in dull colours. It is said that more than 300 million people in the World suffer from colour blindness. New hi-tech developments by the North-American company, EnChroma, has made bright beautiful colours burst into the lives of many of these people.

"That part of the image which others call red appears to me little more than a shade or defect of light. After that the orange, yellow and green seem one colour which descends pretty uniformly from an intense to a rare yellow, making what I should call different shades of yellow" – shared John Dalton (1766-1844), the first researcher of colour blindness that suffered from this condition, who only discovered that he couldn't distinguish some colours when he was 26 years old.

Colour blindness, or daltonism, is the decreased ability to see colour or differences in colour. Though not a disease, this deficiency may cause many difficulties in educational activities, shopping for fruit, vegetables, or clothes, or reading the traffic lights. There is no cure for colour blindness, so most people have nothing left to do but to adapt.

To alleviate this condition, EnChroma created glasses with special light filters, that enhance colour perception by separating light into its primary spectral components before they reach the eye. The reaction of many colour blind people trying on EnChroma for the first time, is tears. For the first time in their lives they see the true colours of the world, and they are completely astonished upon realizing how beautiful it is. "Do you see it every day?!" – some of them ask.

The company started creating the lens based on the data from the latest research on the genetics of colour blindness, making computer simulations that build up complex models to simulate the specificity of vision of people with red or green colour blindness. Then, they designed an optimal filter that targets specific photopigments. Thus, a unique method of 'multinotch' filtering was born, helping to improve vision for people with difficulty in distinguishing reds and greens.

There are different types of EnChroma glasses: EnChroma CX-D for those with difficulties in seeing green/brown or pink/grey, and EnChroma CX-PT for those who mix reds and browns, or greens and oranges. The lens are shock and scratch-proof; the rims are of great assortment.

EnChroma glasses give so many people the ability to see the bright colours of our World every day.

Contacts: http://enchroma.com

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