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Jan 1, 2017


It hasn't been a year since we published in the pages of this magazine, a theme about a Michelin program (Tweel, April 2015 edition) for the construction of a new concept of an airless tire, suitable for military a agriculture vehicles. Now, Nexo Tires, takes the concept back and applies it to bicycles.

The biggest horror for every bicycle user, is the possibility to have a flat tire. And we all know such thing usually happens when we least expect it and when we are not prepared to fix it. And, even when we are prepared, fixing a flat tire can be a real headache.

Nowadays, when a biker requires special aid to solve a flat, the tire gets substituted by a new tire, which means the waste of 1,3 billion tires, thrown away every year and the subsequent environmental pollution.

North american company Nexo Tires brings two propositions in order to minimize these effects and provide better solutions to the bike users needs: Ever Tire and Nexo Tire. Both propositions focus on the objective of cast away the risk of a flat tire.

Ever Tire model is an airless and tubeless tire, which means there no chance of a leak. It is a tire composed by a blend of polymers, in which the brand applies several carefully placed holes in order to guarantee durability and absolute control of driving.

By being produced after a single polymer blend, it becomes easier to produce and it is, as well, easier to recycle than the traditional rubber tires. In addition, as manufacture is processed in a single stage, the company is able to produce one tire every 30 minutes.

It shows, however, a drawback: each tire has to get attached to a proper rim. This means that, when we change one tire, we will get an extra set of tire and rim which, either gets forgotten in the garage or will be sent to a garbage bin.

Aware of these environmental effects, Nexo developed Nexo Tire – also an airless tire, designed to be installed on the existing rims.

The fixing is made through the use of T-bolts onto the rim, thus insuring safety on the tire mount. This fixing is not so simple as in the Ever Tire case, which only requires the replacement of all the rim.

Ever Tire will cost from USD 76 dollars, for the 12 and 16 inches version (child model) and Nexo Tire will cost USD 75 dollars. Both will be available January 2017.

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