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Jun 1, 2016


At 4, 8 or 16 years old, doesn´t matter the age, it is never too early or too late to embrace the world of business. An increasing number of entrepreneurial children is building the World and invoicing as big people do. On behalf of the "World Children's Day", which is celebrated on the 1st of June 2016, Your VIP Partner introduces you some of those children. 


As a result of a society that provides them with more information, and that also encourages entrepreneurship, there are children and adolescents that are still at school, but are already putting into practice their own ideas and finding ways to monetize them. Please meet:

Pixies Bows, a virtual store that sells ties and tiaras, accessories that are the image of Pixie Curtis' brand, the most popular "mini fashion icon". Four years ago, when Pixie was born, her mother created an account in the social network Instagram to put photographs of the baby, as many mothers do all over the world. The girl grew, and so did the number of followers, that now exceed 110,000. At the photos, Pixie appears in flashy ties and clothing from international designers such as Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana, drawing the attention of many clothing, decoration and lifestyle brands. In an interview to the "Daily Mail" newspaper, the mother said that she charges from EUR 179 (about USD 200) per a sponsored post of the girl.

The little Evan undertakes while he plays, and has fun while he wages. This seven-year-old boy does what many children dream of doing: he opens and evaluates new toys. Since 2011 the small entrepreneur made YouTube an ally, where he built the channel "EvanTubeHD". The channel provides Evan's videos, filmed and edited by his father, whose success (one billion views and 1.3 million followers) yields more than USD one million per year (approximately EUR 895,000).

At six years old, missy Kiowa Kavovit created the "Boo Boo Goo", a liquid waterproof bandage, which can be decorated and customized, a sort of "dry ink" that helps to heal the wounds and prevents them from infecting. This innovative and environmentally friendly protector is painted on a person's skin, and thus does not come off as usual protectors. To create the bandage, she had the support of his father and some experts, but it was with the "Shark Tank" programme, a reality show of the American channel "ABC", where entrepreneurs present business ideas to a group of investors, that the idea gained a dimension, that has already made her earn the first million dollars.

Asia Newson, from Detroit, United States of America, was only five years old when she began helping his father, who was a candles seller, to manufacture the product. She was so excited about the experience that she created the "Super Girl Business" a company to sell her own candles. Asia uses its capital to encourage other children to develop their talents. But the ambitions of this "mini entrepreneur" don´t stop here: "first I want to be a lawyer. Then I will be the mayor of Detroit and soon, President of the United States", she says.

With activities in the curriculum that experienced entrepreneurs take years to achieve, such as a lecture at "TEDx Manhattan Beach", Thomas Suarez, 12 years old of age, is still at high school, and is already called the "new Steve Jobs." Thomas created two applications for "Apple" products: the "Earth Fortune," which changes the colour of the ground depending on the user´s fortune, and the "Bustin Jieber app" that let users hit the singer, Justin Bieber. Today, Thomas works part-time on his business, teaches programming to other students that want to create games for platforms such as "iOS" and "Android".

Daniil Kulchenk began to "play" with HTML programming at six years old and, at eleven, he was already a freelancing "Linux" administrator. Six years ago, he created the "Phenona", the company that makes "Perl" applications in the so popular "Cloud". The Canadian enterprise "ActiveState" bought Daniil´s company when he was 15 years old, for a never disclosed value.

We offer you the inspiration for the World, and the proof that encouraging children to be creative and entrepreneurial enables them to find smart solutions that contribute to the progress in various areas.

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