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Dec 31, 2015

The White Smile of Korea

Founded in Korea in 2000, Dentium has grown to become the trusted manufacturer of high quality dental implant products and provider of related services for dental professionals worldwide.

Dentium is distinguished by a dedicated Research and Development Center that has partnered with leading clinicians, research institutions, and universities to develop the state-of-the-art implant systems that deliver remarkable results. Their full selection of products, ranging from surgical and restorative components to fixtures and regeneration materials, enable dental professional to perform a great diversity of dental works quickly, accurately, and aesthetically.

Dental professionals may rely on Dentium for superb grafting and regeneration materials. Some of their most lauded regeneration materials include collagen membrane, growth factor, and tissue engineering products. These offerings and much more are featured at our Annual Dentium Symposium and Clinical Presentation held globally, setting the benchmark for educational events in the industry.

As they seek new ways to enhance their services, they continue to meet the highest standards of quality. The company has attained international ISO certification and the good manufacturing standards set by national government agencies.

At Dentium, they are committed to the creation of a healthy, beautiful smile by providing dental professionals with high quality products, comprehensive education and training, and unrivalled customer service. The company provides a full range of solutions for dentists: dental implant systems, medical products, bone graft materials, zirconia systems.

The Dentium vision is to improve the quality of life through innovative technology and design that results in healthy, beautiful smiles. Through cutting-edge researches, they seek to create ground-breaking solutions for dental professional worldwide. The company possesses all the components necessary to achieve its vision: comprehensive education and training, strategic customer partnerships, global network, and, of course, the cutting-edge technology.

The company carries out its researches in close collaboration with universities, among which is, for example, the Columbia University, New York. Dentium is the educational partner of College of Dental Medicine where Dental Implant System by Dentium is being used in pre- and post- doctoral training programs.

Striving towards optimal quality, Dentium actively cooperates with renowned universities and prominent leaders in the industry worldwide to accumulate supportive documents to verify and demonstrate the clinical and technical excellence of their products. With these research materials, Dentium is confident to offer products that ensures the results and quality expected by today's clinicians. Dentium provides predictability based on evidence.

Its Research and Development Center features the most advanced facilities for their dedicated researchers to drive innovation in implant design. Working closely with government agencies, universities, and hospitals, the Center conducts a diverse range of basic and clinical research to further test and refine their cutting-edge technology.

Dentium is collaborating with prominent dental colleges worldwide to lead the way in clinical study. Through their new Clinical Research Center, they will continue to impress their customers and partners with their new product developments and clinical testing.

Among the production categories of Dentium are dental implants, surgical instruments, regeneration products, digital dentistry products, lab products, iCT products.

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