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Jan 1, 2017


Definitely, we are living the days when everything we thought was theory or fiction, are coming true. It is the case of north-american Kinestral proposal: the smart-glass Halio.


We are living the "intelligent" age. Today, almost every new product arriving on consumption markets, are either "intelligent", or "smart", which, in fact means the same thing.

As to the "intelligence" of this new glass, there are no doubts left. It is, most likely, the best world controller for natural lighting. It's all about a glass which is able to darken, up to total opacity, in a few minutes, in order to create atmospheres, more suitable to each user needs.

In it, are gathered the most advance materials that science physical, robotics and software technologies already provide.

At first sight, Halio glass, is no more than a regular normal glass, high quality and highly transparent. But this glass can be programmed to react to weather changes, light or the sun position, during the day, keeping your house or office in the optimal conditions of energy efficiency.

And it is also controllable through voice command, or cell phone, as the company provide the proper application for that issue.

By having this capacity to darken until total opacity, this glass is able to recreate more cosy environments, or even isolate one single room from indiscreet looks, so you can have your meeting in total privacy.

These glasses can darken in groups or separately. This means that, before a wall built by several glass panels, one of them can get dark, while the other maintain their transparency, or a half tone, thus allowing almost infinite lighting or privacy solutions.

Kinestral will place this new material only in certain markets in 2017, but only in 2018 will it be possible to find it worldwide. The prices involved were not reported yet, too.

For that, it is one more material available for architects and interior designers, which will surely rival with other more current solutions.

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