Feb 1, 2017


In January's issue, we referred to the new technologies which will change people's lives and commit ourselves to follow the matter throughout 2017. Inevitably, we used the world reference of technological industry: the "Consumer Electronics Show", which took place in the north American city of Las Vegas, in the beginning of the current year.


Being the biggest show for technological advance in the world, it promotes sideways many contests destined to highlight the best developments in the area. Twenty-eight contests, to refer to an exact number, from which we selected seven contest winners, from various areas and purposes, to give you a global idea about the changes the year of 2017 can bring into our lives and, thus, "changing them forever".

1. Zera Food Recycler, from Whirlpool

Someway around the world, composting services of organic garbage are already being processed to produce fertilizers. However, this is not yet an option reaching everybody, or every city. Zera Food Recycler, from Whirlpool, can become a solution for those who own a small plantation or a garden, and who worries about the environment. It's all about a small kitchen device which transforms food leftovers into fertilizer. After being plugged and prepared, we only need to throw these leftovers into the proper compartment and let the carbon filter (which also neutralizes the smell) and an herbal additive do the rest. Within one week, you'll have a rich fertilizer to use at your small plantation or inn your garden. This device just won't transform bones and lumps because they're too hard to a simple composting.

2. XGIMI Z4 Aurora Screenless TV

There was a time when, for a simple projection of a movie or a TV channel in a large surface we'd need a device with considerable dimensions and a proper surface to do it. Z4 Aurora, from the Chinese technological company, XGIMI, reduces all of this to a small box size. It's a LED image projector, which converts any surface into a huge screen, up to 300 inches, with 4K quality. Communication can be made through WiFi, it can be controlled by gestures, has an incredible sound quality (thanks to the Harman Kardon partnership) and it can project 3D images, by using the proper glasses which equip the set. The internal 7GB hard disk can store any kind of sources (even games), and allows you to adjust the image, even if the unit is not geometrically placed in relation to the projection surface.

3. Smart Remote, from Sevenhugs

It is any sedentary man's dream: a universal remote control, which can control several domestic devices, only demanding to point the control to the required device. Instead of showing off many buttons for several functionalities, the control is made using a sensitive touch screen, which changes and adapts to the functionalities of the device we want to control. This smart remote control uses a set of wall sensors to control the position and guidance of the control and, even when two devices are very close to each other, the screen shows a simple selector to choose which device we want to control.

4. Sleep Number 360

The manufacturer of Sleep Number presented a smart mattress. Do not doubt it: this mattress does a lot for your sake and for your sleep quality. Let's see: it automatically adjusts to your sleeping position so you can be always comfortable; it rises the pillow position to prevent snoring; it calculates the sleeping quality according to heart beta, breathing rhythm, turns in bed; and it even has a heater for the feet in order to keep them in an ideal temperature for a better rest. Sensors at the bed's bottom and an air chamber, can change the body's position or adapt to it, and it has a special layer for the head's rest. All these functionalities and readings are afterwards transmitted to an app on your smartphone (via Bluetooth) so you can evaluate and control your rest quality.

5. Link AKC

This smart collar for dogs is a true monitor of everything a pet needs. It shows the location of the dog, supplies information over the ideal exercise, it registers veterinarian data, makes temperature readings, encapsulates a LED light for night vision and it even plays music so the animal can have a more effective and calm learning. It's a light and discreet collar, adaptable for several dog sizes, works on a battery with a five days' lifetime and it is water resistant. All these readings are readable on a smartphone using the proper application supplied by the manufacturer and can also be stored into a computer by using a proper reader, also supplied with the collar. In addition, it also registers good moments spent between dog and owner.

6. K'Track, from PKparis

K'Track Glucose is the first mobile monitor for reading glucose levels. It is ideal for diabetics, processes readings without effort, pain, and blood sample resource in a matter of seconds. It uses a bio-sensor capable of doing this monitoring only through the skin touch. It is totally imperceptible and it can perform unlimited readings for a 30 days' period, with a K'Track device display register, but it can also be synchronized onto a computer using the proper application from PKparis. It is suitable to use during the practice of sports, when the glucose levels are more subject to peaks.

7. Cota Tile, from Ossia

We live in "the smart age", but not so smart we can dispense the use of power batteries. And, so, Ossia developed Cota Tile: a universal battery power charger, wireless and suitable for big surfaces. It pretty much looks a lot like a small monolith which can be applied to the ceilings (for instance) able to charge any device compatible with the system. This small piece makes 100 readings, per second, of all the space and supplies information from any device with low battery charge onto a central controller which, in its turn, transmits all the needed energy to charge the device in the shortest time. It is possible to build a network of wireless chargers, which allows the user, even those who do not know they are, to change room and continue charging the batteries of his laptop, smartphone or smartwatch.

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