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Apr 1, 2016

The Shine of Turkmen Margiana

Margiana is a vanished ancient country, the first written mentioning of which dates back 2500 years. For a long time, its exact location had not been clearly identified, until the middle of the XX century, when the Academician V. V. Struve, based on ancient manuscripts, proved that the country of Margiana existed in the basin of the ancient river Murgab, in the south-east of Turkmenistan.


Today Margiana exists again in Turkmenistan. It is a brand of jewellery founded by Rovshan Matnijazov, a jeweller who proved his craftsmanship by creating the "Margush", ring of divine beauty, which won the first prize for "The Best Manual Craft" at the International Festival of Jeweller's Art - "Golden Hands", held in Moscow, Russia, in 2012.

Margiana is the first jewellery production in Turkmenistan equipped with the state of the art Italian machines that allow the production of a wide range of jewellery, both classical and modern, corresponding to the latest tendencies of international jewellery fashion. The Turkman brand produces gold jewellery of any type and colour, red, white or yellow, 375, 585, 750 carat. The brand's catalogue offers a rich choice of jewellery crafted in different techniques. By request, any model can be made with any kind of gems, precious, semi-precious or synthetic.

Each piece corresponds to a big diversity of standards from Asia and Europe, and following the fashion tendencies. The masters thoroughly follow all the tendencies of the international jewellery industry, so that their clients appear absolutely stunning and draw everybody's attention at any party or business event.

There is an experimental production department that makes new exclusive collections of jewellery using only avant-garde technologies, including computer modelling with the use of special 3D equipment, which allows for the monthly renovation of the assortment and represents a significant competition to other jewellery manufacturers. The brand has a vast experience in producing jewellery for all kinds of events: anniversaries of companies, award ceremonies, presentations for VIP partners, high level conferences, Christmas gifts, etc. Customized products in one piece or more, as a series of corporate jewellery gifts, logos and symbols are some of the products requested by companies. Craftsmen also engage themselves in the production of rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, jewellery for body-piercings, car charms, sets, wedding rings with diamonds, 3D pieces, and other jewellery of gold, silver and gilded silver. It is certain that when offering a Margiana piece, it will cause the perfect impression on the people who receive it.

Margiana has at your disposal services such as urgent repair on the spot, gold and diamonds testing, purchase of gold at high prices, exchange of a client's jewellery for one of the company's catalogue, renting of wedding jewellery, etc. Besides this, the company provides instruments and equipment to jewellers. While buying gold to customers, Margiana follows high standards of evaluation and registration, ensuring that the business is carried out safely, comfort and confidentiality.

The exact test and measurements for price evaluation of precious metals is done by highly qualified specialists. Then, the evaluation is verified with the help of complex computer systems for calculation with multiple data. The computer metal testing, on site and at the time of purchase, allows for a very quick and exact result, important while making a decision on whether to sell, or not, a piece of jewellery.

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