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Jan 31, 2016

The price of Romance

Love, amor, Любовь, 愛, is the word that expresses a unique and transversal sense to the human being, independently of nationality or point on the globe where you are. With Valentine's Day approaching, on 14 February, Your VIP Partner went to find the most desirable gifts for her and him. From classic to innovative, flowers, chocolates and jewelry come high on the list, but what is after all the price of romanticism?

Julio and Sarangerel are two students in Moscow who fall in love at the height of the Soviet Union. He, a young Angolan student, enthusiastic about the revolution and eager to take the socialist precepts to his country. She, a young woman from Mongolia, aspiring to the same ideals. They did not realize that the 'union of peoples' was difficult to achieve and that his love would take long 35 years to materialize. Pepetela, the Angolan author of "The Plateau and the Steppe", paints a sensitive portrait of a recent period, a time when most of the decisions - even love - were taken in the political sphere. This is one of many love stories that make hearts beat stronger worldwide. Without forgetting "Romeo and Juliet" of the English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare or the worldwide hit song "All I Ask of You" from "Phantom of the Opera", through films like Casablanca, Michael Curtiz, there are many ways to narrate stories of love that cross generations. Each has its story, and especially on Valentine's Day, celebrated on the 14th February (except in Brazil, 12th June), anything goes to surprise a loved one. Your VIP Partner discovered the most coveted gifts for her and for him in an industry that moves millions.

There are classic gifts that remain, but there are also new, and in any case it is certain that the stores are full of gifts with love messages. A poem, a tango workshop or balloon flight, everything is allowed in the game of seduction.

How about a trip? Paris, Russia or Brazil are the preferred romantic destinations, but a getaway to Monte Santo Resort in Algarve, Portugal, recently voted as the most romantic of Europe, by the World Travel Awards, is to consider. The stay includes accommodation in a suite, decorated with rose petals, champagne, chocolate pampering, massage, dinner, live music, gym access, SPA, and babysitting service.

Dinner should be watered by a good wine, there are several internationally distinguished Portuguese wines, and we suggest, for example, the Cortes de Cima 2013 white wine, produced in Vila-Nova-de-Mil-Fontes, by the Danish Hans Jorgensen. Completing the environment, Voluspa candles are glamorous and high quality, take hours to be produced and feature over 40 fragrances.

Also as part of gifts that you can enjoy the two, as in the case of an automobile, we highlight for example the BMWi8; the Swiss Rolex watches or pens of the German brand MontBlanc.
Women are more romantic and attentive to the dates, so spare no efforts to surprise them.

Their favorite gifts are flowers and jewelry, especially if the flower arrangements are made by Jeff Leatham, "the florist of the moment", who has in his curriculum the decoration of the Hotel George V in Paris.

As for jewelry, classic gold, silver and diamonds, always rocked the hearts of women in every age of history. Diamond rings from the famous Tiffany & Co are considered true works of art. Shoes and bags are never too many in the women's closet, so, in this category the chosen is the Birkin bag. However, if you combine Jimmy Choo clutch and shoes, surely you won´t not disappoint your loved one. Another option for putting your Cinderella's shoe on, is the brand Arezzo-A Arezzo, founded in 1972 by the Birman family in the Italian city of Arezzo. The brand is a hit in Latin America, in Brazil it already has 82 stores.

If you want to be more daring, you can opt for lingerie from La Perla, hardly a woman will refuse to use it. We link the love to the smell, and this one to the perfume. "Eternity" made by Calvin Klein represents a beautiful love story: in 1987, Calvin Klein presented his wife with a ring that had the word "eternity" imprinted. The perfume with lily, freesia and sage notes, was born the following year in honor of all love stories, becoming the romantic symbol of modern woman. Sold only by order, the "Imperial Majesty", from Clive Christian, is the most expensive in the world, but it is more than a perfume, it is a gem because the bottle is decorated with white diamonds and gold accents.

Chocolate is associated to a curious story of St. Valentine, the priest who celebrated confidential weddings, disobeying the roman emperor Claudius II that had forbidden it, so he could raise soldiers. In Japan, it's the woman who presents the beloved, particularly with chocolate, which is associated with Valentine´s Day and introduced in Nipponese land by the Russian confectionery Morozoff in 1936. Homeni choco is the name of the chocolate used to declare their passion, but the bakery sells everything necessary to produce it at home (tezukuri in Japanese), an appreciated gesture because it expresses commitment and dedication.

The love industry does not neglect the male universe, as men also enjoy pampering. A shirt, tie, papillon, shoes or a Dolce and Gabbana perfume are objects of worship. We also highlight the Armani shoes, Hugo Boss or the Brazilian brands Mrs Cats and Ferracine. But there's more expensive, Berluti shoes combine tradition and quality and are known for their craftsmanship and unique details.

Gadgets lead male preferences, the drones are an increasing part of the everyday user's life. The most recognized devices are the Phantom 2 Vision, from DJI and the Parrot AR 2.0.

The most expected technology of the moment is the Oculus Rift, from Oculus VR. With a motion sensor and LCD screen built-in, this device has 3D images that move according to the user's head movements.

Here are some suggestions for a day when love is priceless. Regardless of your choice, be sure that the gift should be personal, inalienable or for both to enjoy, because "every kiss maybe the last."

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