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Jan 1, 2017


Steinway & Sons developed Fibonacci piano, a true art work.


The sound is elegant, crosses generations, arouses emotions and has served as inspiration for many artists. Closing eyes and listen to the notes that come from a piano is an opportunity to be transported to a magic world, where emotions travel through the skin. Steinway & Sons say that they build perfect pianos for perfectionists. It is therefore the reason why the German brand has won the trust of the greatest pianists in the world.

Noble instrument, the piano resembles a jewel to which all attention and care is given, everything is thought and fulfilled to the millimeter. The Fibonacci piano integrates a limited edition of Steinway & Sons. Designed by master craftsman Frank Pollaro, it is a true work of art, engineering and precision. For Frank Pollaro "combining the universal languages of music and mathematics suddenly made perfect sense". Fibonacci thus presents a numerological sequence, reflecting the geometric harmony of nature, and a balance between architecture, art, design and music.

According to the brand, Steinway & Sons has established relationships with pianists of all musical genres. Diana Krall is one of the singers who comments the "privilege and honor to perform on Steinway pianos". Regina Spektor is also a Steinway Artist, like the pianist Lang Lang who states that "if I am to play my best, there is no way but Steinway".

In 1853, German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway founded Steinway & Sons in Manhattan, United States. In the thirty years that followed, the family devoted themselves to the development of the modern piano, building only one instrument at a time. Knowledge has gone from master to apprentice, generation after generation, so today Steinway & Sons is the choice of the majority of pianists. The company bets on knowledge with more than 160 years, but also on innovation and continuous improvement, without losing the one that has been its focus: humanize the handmade piano. Each piano has about 12,000 parts and "has its own musical character and is as unique as the individual who plays it," writes the brand on its official website.

Steinway & Sons is represented in London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hamburg and San Francisco.

Contacts * * * Tel. (718) 721-2600 * 1 Steinway Place, Long Island City,

NY 11105

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