Apr 1, 2016

The Noise that Cuts through the Air at Estoril Open

Babolat, a French maker of tennis equipment, paddle, badminton and squash, known for producing rackets used by renowned athletes such as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, has launched the "Pure Aero" model in 2016, the new version of "Aero Pro Drive" from 2013. This may well be one of the models used by Tsonga, who is a brand´s fan, at "Estoril Open" that takes place between 23 of April and the first of May, at the Estoril Tennis Club, in Portugal. 

Power, more spin, greater comfort and less stiffness are the characteristics that differentiate the latest racket Babolat, the "Pure Aero". Despite being the favourite of tennis stars like Rafael Nadal, it is so versatile it can be used either by professionals or beginning players, a detail that can make it the racket of 2016. Let us know which the main changes comparing it with the 2013 model:

This racket has a 100" size head, a fulfillment of 68.58 cm, 320g of weight, balance four pts HL, swingweight is 327, stiffness is 69, the rim thickness is 23/26/23 mm, level average power, long swing and fast style, and standard 16×19 strings. The Babolat improved the aerodynamics of the racket, so although the swingweight has increased from 316 to 327, the racket seems to be agile, which has increased the spin, power and stability. The ropes, in the heart as in the racket´s side are "inside" it´s body, reducing the friction with the air. The spacing between them was increased and the string pattern is wide open. Cortex System was removed and grommets suffered changes as well. It maintains the thickness of the 2013 version, but it is more aerodynamic and therefore it has a lower air resistance. To better understand this idea, let's say the sound of rackets that cuts through the air when the ball impinges on the racket, so characteristic of this sport, will be very present in the "Aero Pure" model.

The models of rackets for this global known sport vary depending on the style of play, the size and the brand, whose seniority and experience are aspects considered by professionals.

The Babolat, founded in Lyon, France, in 1875, is the oldest company to have specialized in racket sports. Creator of the stringed racket, the company built its reputation by providing cutting-edge products that have made champions on the most prestigious competitions. The company is present in over 100 countries, has 20,000 sport stores and is a partner of 20,000 clubs. One is the "Estoril Tennis Club", in Estoril, Portugal, where every May "Estoril Open" takes place. By the way, this is a competition where world tennis stars, with very different playing styles and personalities, will be present. To refer to only the top ten list, they are: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (France), Gilles Simon (France), Benoit Paire (France), Nick Kyrgios (Australia), João Sousa (Portugal), Guillermo Garcia-Lopez (Spain), Tommy Robredo (Spain), Gilles Muller (Luxembourg), Leonardo Mayer (Argentina), Borna Coric (Croatia), among others.

The list shows the "weight" of the major European schools; particularly, France is the first of them historically recognized as the main influential in the creation of this sport. It is said that in France people usually played a sport in which players refuted the ball against the wall with hands, what led to the racket made of wood. But the tennis cradle is attributed to be England, because it was popularized by King Henry VIII, a convinced practitioner of the sport.

The racket, similar to what we know it today, was established in 1583. In 1673, the Dutch Mitelli created a model with a longer cable than the impact area. To avoid sprains and other pains in the wrist, in 1891 it was developed the oval racket model with flat cable. In 1930 comes the wire rope and greater impact area. The most current models have a system that allows a reduction in air resistance, the rope is thin and the collision area with the ball is smaller. The surface of the racket must be flat and formed by crossed strings with a specific and uniform pattern.

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