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Feb 29, 2016

The Noble Art in Glass

The glass history is intertwined with the stories of Murano, the Seguso family and Crystals Cá D'Oro, a Brazilian company that produces artistic glass parts in Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brazil, following the techniques used on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy, where the famous murano crystals were created and worked.


Table centrepieces, jars, vases, weights for paper, decorative bottles, glasses, custom office gifts and trophies are some of the objects 100% handmade of artistic glass that Cristais Cá D'Oro has been presenting to our eyes for 50 years. Through different techniques and the constant struggle between man, matter and fire, the pieces take shape. The variety of colours, shapes and effects delight those who attend the production. The pieces are made with a tube by a glassblower, who gives them the most varied forms. It is a unique manufacturing process that can be seen with the "naked eye" in Cristais Cá D'Oro since 2004, when a window was built, through which you can watch the work of craftsmen. An unmissable spectacle that made the company one of the main attractions in Poços de Caldas. The production of Cá D'Oro was oriented to execute pieces with a unique design, destined for a demanding public that values the artistic glass. For this, the company is keen to maintain full manual and craft work, in accordance with the techniques used by the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians in glassware.

The secular technique used by Crystals Cá D'Oro since 1965, the year of its foundation, was originally developed in the island of Murano in Venice. The name is a tribute to the Venetian Palace, the free translation being Golden House.

The glass history is linked to the trajectory of territorial achievements. With the decline of the Roman Empire, the families that dominated the glassware manufacture brought knowledge of Egypt, spread across Europe, particularly n Venice and then in Murano, where the first crystalline glass was developed. The glass production was already held in several locations in Europe, Middle East and Asia. However, the discovery of crystalline glass gave a new impetus to the glassmaker world. In England and in the Nordic countries, the lead started to be used as a flux, resulting in fine utilitarian pieces with sound and glare. Murano improved the art of artistic glass, making it colourful, handmade and very creative, keeping the tradition of Egyptian and Phoenician origins. Murano, a tourist destination of excellence for art and jewellery lovers, was one of the great commercial depots in the X century. The glassware families of Venice were transferred for Murano in the XIII century. It was said that the reason for this change was related to the need of reducing the smoke from ovens and preventing fires, since the buildings of glass factories were made of wood. However, historical accounts indicate that the real purpose was to guard the secret of glass making, a very valuable material in the commercial relations of Venice at the time, notably with the East.

The glassmaker families displaced to Murano became part of the Island Gold Book, having nobility perks, comfort, and the right to mint their own coins in gold and silver.

It is in this book that we can find the Seguso family. Mario Seguso, the family patriarch, was born in 1929 in Venice, Italy. He studied at the Art Institute of Venice, specialized in design and engraving in crystal. In 1954, he was invited to create pieces for the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of São Paulo city in Brazil. Enchanted by the country, he decided to stay and, together with brothers Vitorio and Alamiro Ferro, also descendants of a traditional Murine family, reopen the former factory of Aldo Bonora in Poços de Caldas, establishing his art and Cristais Cá D'Oro. In the 1990s, his son, Adriano Seguso, assumes the direction of the business, taking a new market positioning and consolidating the brand, renowned for its unique characteristics of tradition, modernity, art and design of excellence.

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