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Aug 1, 2016


In the Summer we look for a place where we can enjoy the Sun and refresh a little bit, when the heat gets too oppressive. Pools are frequently the option for people who don't like waves, or don't live near water, either river or sea. However, it is possible to join both, and create natural pools.


Clear Water Revival is a company based in the United Kingdom (UK), dedicated to create beautiful natural swimming pools. The company was established in Bristol, in 2006, bringing into the country the necessary filtration technology and design for this type of construction. The company is the only natural swimming pool design and construction company in the UK.

Bio-filtrated pools are a concept that, contrary to usual swimming pools that sterilize the water, are based on the balance of natural components, that makes the water clean and clear. In usual pools, this is done through chlorine, disinfecting the water to such a point that all life in it is destroyed. However, Clear Water Revival created their own pool filtration system that, besides being advanced in terms of technology, is also chemical free. The water is pumped through biological filters that keep it clean and hygienic – good enough even to drink it. For this, the company continuously investigates ways to further improvement of their biological filtration systems.

Depending on the organic nutrients in the water, bacteria and algae will appear. The key is to keep the water free from their subsistence. So, the organic nutrients are removed, giving the organisms no way to survive, but maintaining the balance of minerals, which will keep the water's chemistry as it is needed to be clean.

To explain how the company's technology works, we must first understand how the microorganisms function. It was already mentioned that algae and bacteria grow in water when they have nutrients to be fed. These nutrients have organic origin - dust, leaves, rainfall, etc., as well as swimmers (skin, sweat). A natural filter works by keeping the water moving, pumping it through biological filters that remove the nutrients, thus impeding the algae and bacteria from growing.

Another phase of the filtering system is the continuous monitoring of the water, making sure that the nutrient levels, specifically, nitrogen and phosphorous, remain undetectable. Clear Water Revival has a remote monitoring and control centre that allows them to check the levels of the water all year long, 24 hours a day. They can detect any kind of problem, such as a malfunctioning of the pump, and know it in real time, thus fixing it rapidly. The company stresses that naturally filtered swimming pools will be less costly that regular ones. After all, you don't need to buy recharges for the filters, and because the water circulation happens at lower turnover rates than conventional swimming pools, all is needed are low energy pumps.

Swimming ponds

When the garden is already beautiful, but you still would like to have a place where you could have a fresh swim in the heat of the Summer, the solution might be simpler than expected: a swimming pond. Clear Water Revival's pond is not like any conventional pond. It consists of two zones: a deep central swimming area, and a shallower 'regeneration' area where specific plants that purify the water grow– at least 50% must be covered by plants. The plants go through the seasons beautifully, perpetuating the garden's natural beauty.

These swimming ponds don't need active filtration, because it is done and controlled by the plants, and only needs just a small filter to retrieve surface debris – leaves, petals, insects – and a pump, to keep the water circulating through the planted area. They are of very low maintenance, with no need for filling and refilling, nor for chemical dosing or active filtration systems, all it requires is a thorough clean, during the Winter, in the dormant time of the plants.

Clear Water Revival allows us not to worry about chemicals, nor about the harm they do to our skin, hair and eyes, and neither about the ecological damage. Everyone and everything can benefit from biological filtering, even little animals, as they can drink the water. It is also safe for children, and it can be re-used for the garden, when the time comes to emptying, and refilling the pool or pond. Swimming in natural filtered water is like swimming in a river: freeing. To be able to have a true biological experience is to be closer to Earth.

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