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Apr 1, 2016

The Leather Soul

Leather lends interiors a heightened sense of opulence and comfort. As we enter a delicately and beautifully decorated room, walls covered in intricately embroided leather, a perfect decorative combination of chairs, upholstery and curtains, we feel an ambience, a sense of fullness and calmness, because everything is in its place. This is what ALMA does best, and has done for the past 78 years.


ALMA is a leather specialist established in London since 1938. Founded as a leather merchant, this material is naturally the oldest part of their business, and is still its core. The company originally built a solid name within the fashion industry, and earned a reputation for a dedicated and conscientious service throughout the years, fusing time-honoured traditions with experimental techniques.

Today ALMA designs and produces exceptional and bespoke leather interiors, furniture and furnishings as well as a range of hand-made leather accessories and handbags from its workshop in Whitechapel, London. Serving both private and corporate clients, ALMA brings leather to property, retail, fashion, transport, hospitality and other sectors, sourcing the finest leather from across the globe, and featuring a collection of over 700 leathers, from exotics & furs to veg tan, nappa, eco-friendly, and laser cut embroidery. Constantly, and still, inspired by fashion, interiors, and architecture trends, ALMA's creations are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, robust enough to withstand the rigours of daily life, as each piece mellows with age and becomes more distinctive as the years pass.

ALMA Studio

From exquisite leather doors, floors and wall panelling, to staircases, handrails and furniture, banquette seating, tables, lift interiors, headboards and curtains, ALMA Studio has helped to adorn some of the world's most prestigious addresses, including royal and presidential palaces. Not limited to interiors, ALMA has helped to create the world's first leather-clad building, the Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha, a ground-breaking signature piece by architect Arata Isozaki, covered with 7500 leather panels cut in a 3D mosaic design.

Their team works with leading interior designers, architects and specifiers worldwide to create bespoke, custom made leather interior finishes, and is fully immersed in the craft and aesthetic of leather, with specialist skills and knowledge gleaned over many decades. ALMA Studio also offers design consultancy and bespoke finishing to creators of unique residential and commercial properties, crafting fully bespoke solutions to meet each project scope.

As a complement to the leathercraft, ALMA offers bespoke cabinetmaking and carpentry, crafted to achieve the highest standards, and genuinely made in London. A unique blend of traditions and materials sets apart the ALMA Woodshop service, and their accomplished craftspeople combine modern technologies with ancient handcrafting techniques to deliver items with strength, character and an exceptional level of finishing. Whether it is a fantastical piece of art furniture or a design classic, a one-off or hundreds of room sets, ALMA can bring your idea to life.

Alma Home                         

Using only the finest quality leathers, ALMA Home produces exceptional handmade furniture and accessories. Each item is designed in the company's workshop and made by hand by its specialist team of craftsmen incorporating a range of different colours, styles and finishes. A collection of furniture and accessories, beautifully crafted to be functional and timeless, each piece is made from prime quality materials, using only the finest skins and fur pelts. From minimalist day beds to leather- adorned mirrors, exotic throws to chic laptop bags, every piece is created to complement each individual style and vision.

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