Aug 1, 2017


The world is not, in any way, a safe place. Whether you live in a 12th floor apartment or a big villa in the countryside, you will feel much more secure after installing one of these.


When we consider the safety of our homes, we have absolute certainty that we want the best. We've all heard about incredible heists in impossible places and no one wants to take unnecessary risks.

For this purpose, there are many devices available on the market, however, none is as powerful and effective as the new Arlo Q Plus, of the American company NetGear.

It simply has everything that you would ask for in any indoor security camera. It has 130 degrees wide angle lens, 1080p HD recording, night vision, motion alert, 2-way audio, free 7-days cloud storage, SD Card Slot and Power-over-Ethernet, its most appealing feature, all backed up by an app.

And if you think that, many times the greater specs don't match with real performance, be sure this is not the case. The device has been tested by many of the most specialized security technology sites and the results are absolutely amazing.

The recordings of the wide angle lens in 1080p give excellent output and video quality, the quality of the night vision is very effective and the motion sensor detects any kind of noise or distraction and notifies the user in the next second.

Power-over-Ethernet, is definitely its best feature. It allows the user to connect the power cable to the camera. Nothing else. No ethernet cable, no USB, no additional software, nothing. The user can connect the camera to the Wi-Fi network for the casting purpose what, not only helps in cable management, but also helps keeping a stable internet connection.

Furthermore, it allows audio communications between cameras, through its incorporated microphone, which is rather unusual in these devices.

It's the best private security in the world and it's available for only $250 USD, each camera.

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