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Jan 31, 2016

The Glass Experience

With over half a century of glass manufacturing experience in South Africa, Consol has a heritage that is truly South African and assumes its position as industry leader with pride. In 1944, a young Johannesburg finance house acquired a pioneering glassworks in Pretoria, and in 1946 it was incorporated as "Consolidated Glass Works Limited" and set about building a flagship factory in Wadeville, Germiston. Consol Ltd. officially became Consol Glass (Pty) in April 2007.


From its beginning, the company has enjoyed steady growth over the years and is the leading glass packaging manufacturer in South Africa, with a market share of 79%, and exports to
17 African countries, employing around 1800 employees. Consol's current capacity is approximately 890 000 tons of glass per annum.

They produce glass packaging for the food and beverage industries including the beer, alcoholic fruit beverage, wine, fruit juice, soft drinks, mineral water, and spirits markets. This portfolio has expanded over the years to include tableware, as well as packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The Shelf Appeal

Glass commands on shelf attention, as it is recognized widely as a packaging type that helps differentiate premium products from non – premium products in the same product family. It became a trusted, versatile, healthy, sophisticated and 100% recyclable packaging choice material, able to meet consumer needs on a functional, emotional as well as aesthetic and sensory level. It also provides latitude for packaging design enhancements and can be molded into an infinite number of shapes and sizes, for consumer appeal.

Consol's turn- key solutions and design innovations assist customers in meeting business objectives and response to changing tastes in the marketplace, with access to international expertise, information on packaging trends worldwide, and a technical and manufacturing support team. This collaborative approach enables Consol to promote brand identity, marketability and shelf appeal of products. Light weighting has also become one of the most important innovations to reduce manufacturing costs, and some of Consol's wine and beer bottles are amongst the lightest in the world.

A wide range of value-enhancement services provides the opportunity for additional decorative enhancements and creativity, enabling the technical and quality teams at Consol, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to execute design innovations that are relevant, marketable and functional, thereby enhancing clients' product features and benefits while supporting their brand's positioning. Some of these innovations include, among other choices, married runs, long necks, embossing (internal and external), debossing, light weighting, black glass and Vortex effect. Post production enhancements include forehearth coloring, sleeving, pressure sensitive labelling (PSL), applied ceramic labelling (ACL), glass decorations (for example, UV decorating and coating), and embossed effects.

Product Range

Consol's food packaging products include major lines for baby food, mayonnaise, coffee, various sauces, fresh salads, anchovette, spices, olive oils, chutney and various spreads including jams, honey, among others.
Beverages packaging predominantly focuses on the domestic beer, wine and spirits sales, flavored alcoholic beverages as well as export wine and carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice and mineral water industries, for producers of non-alcoholic beverages that have in recent years turned to glass for product differentiation and distinction.

Wine bottles are produced all year round, ensuring a continuity of supply and compliance with stringent manufacturing standards. A range of bottle sizes, shapes and weights provides clients with a wide choice for product differentiation, and a selection of five glass colors further diversifies this category.

For beer, Consol has a long standing association with this market, and is able to support customers with green, flint and amber bottle offerings. The general trade offering in this category has extended to the microbreweries industry and justified the development of a range of 3 amber bottle sizes: 330ml, 440ml and 660ml.

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