Aug 1, 2016


Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, says in his work "Mensagem" ("Message"), that "God wishes, man dreams, the work is born". Since the late 1990's, due to natural language barriers, Japanese tourists have pursued the dream of understanding and make themselves understood, in any part of the globe. This is about to come true… Thanks to a New York company.

It has certainly happened before to most people who travel regularly, trying to understand how to say: "breakfast", in Vladivostok (Завтрак), or how to say "lunch" in Berlin, and Abu-Dhabi. No, we are not talking about a sci-fi, action or romance movie, such as "Lost in Translation", a movie directed by Sofia Coppola, in 2003, in which Bill Murray travels to Japan, to film an advertisement for the Japanese whisky brand Suntory, co-starring with Scarlett Johansson. We are talking about the total inversion of that Japanese dream, thanks to Waverly Labs, a North-American company that understood the necessities of our time, and has recently developed the Pilot, an auricular earpiece device, with the purpose of making everyone a polyglot, and eliminate the language barriers, in any part of the globe.

Apparently, it looks like an innocent ear device, but it's a whole lot more than that! This auricular device executes the normal functions of a typical ear device, with the difference that it can be linked to a mobile app on a smartphone.

It surely looks like something from realm of science fiction, hard to imagine in real life, but there is no "impossible mission" here. According to specialists, the headset complies with the natural functions, with the added function of translating various languages in real time. "Various" is the keyword. There are still a few limitations, and for now, there are only five languages available: French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The user simply has to select on the smartphone app the language to be translated, repeat the process on the second smartphone to be paired with the ear piece, and it will be like Columbus' ears, back in 1492... The device itself comes in two pieces, because it only works synchronized with compatible and similar devices.

For 2017, some updates for the app are already predicted for German, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, Hebrew/Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi and Urdu, Afrikaans, totalling 21 languages. The translations still show a small delay, between one and two seconds, but the company ensures that the more the app is used, the better the performance, as well as the quality of the translation.

 This gadget is not water or sand proof, so there are cares to have. And, because it has to be paired with a similar device, it will not be annoying, that is, it will not translate everything around you, if you are in a café, garden or any other public place.

Considering the fact that it is a simple tool, with the capacity to update to any other language, as well as a powerful tool to make contact with other languages and cultures, it might be something worth paying attention to. Red, white and black are the colours of this revolutionary device that will reach the European market at approximately 150 euro. And as it seems, competitors to Waverly Labs are already appearing. One thing is certain, this auricular came to change the way we communicate.


And, because novelties don't stop, the World is not as we see it as well, so there not only one thing, everything has its pair or mirroring… Apparently, the Japanese brand ili is just similar to Waverly, but not less revolutionary. Ili already has several possible applications, that range from rings or watches, to necklaces and earrings. It translates English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Han, Mandarin and Korean. And it also promises a future where every people understands each other. The ili is equipped with a battery, and a sound amplifier, which however makes it less comfortable.

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