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Dec 31, 2015

The Chocolate Victory

AB Vilniaus Pergalė's history began with the Pergale confectionery factory, which was founded in 1952. Famous for the quality and original recipes of its products for over 60 years, currently it is the leading factory in the Baltic States. Not without reason «pergalė» means "victory"!


Having retained the mark of quality, AB Vilniaus Pergalė also offers the widest range of confectionery in the Baltics, including chocolates, chocolate candy, unglazed candy, toffee, chocolate bars, halvah, halvah bars, Hematogen, wafers, liqueur fills, biscuits, caramel, marshmallows and hard candy.

Many of the confectionery items produced at the factory are made using original recipes. Well known and loved confections such as Sostinė, Pergalė and Vilnius have passed all the taste tests and are still being produced at the factory after more than 40 years. Beloved confectionary classics such as Raudonoji Aguona, Kregždutė and Pupa are also still produced at Vilniaus Pergalė.

Each year, the factory's specialists introduce 10-20 new products to the market. By continuing this tradition and looking for new flavours, the company's products are able to satisfy even the most discriminating customer.

In 2012, Vilniaus Pergalė revamped the greater part of the factory's infrastructure: a modern climate management and control system was installed, as was a raw material distribution pipeline system, which keeps raw materials even fresher and prevents them from coming in contact with the environment. The factory complies with the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Vilniaus Pergalė implemented an EU-funded project for the development of export and participated in three international trade fairs (PLMA 2010 and PLMA 2011 in Amsterdam and PRODEXPO 2011 in Moscow), thus successfully representing the company and its product range abroad. Having implemented the project, Vilniaus Pergalė not only increased its trade outlets in the European Union, but entered the markets outside of the European Union as well.

In 2014–2015, AB Vilniaus Pergalė has taken part in the project entitled "Consolidation and development of the export markets" and has received co-funding for the participation in three international exhibitions.

In 2014, the company presented its confectionery products at two exhibitions. The first, Prodexpo 2014 Moscow, was held in Moscow (Russian Federation). This exhibition has increased company's recognizability, helped to establish new business contacts and expand the list of existing contacts. Afterwards, the export markets expanded to Azerbaijan, Mongolia and other countries.

The second exhibition, SIAL 2014, was held in Paris (France). It is one of the largest and best-known food and drink exhibitions worldwide. As a participant, AB Vilniaus Pergalė attracted new contacts and introduced new and existing products to its potential clients. Due to this fact, the company now sells its products in the United Arab Emirates, Romania and Greece.

Vilniaus Pergalė's products are recognized in Europe, the United States, and even in Australia and New Zeland. The company's products are currently being exported to England, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Israel, the United States, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and other countries.

Vilniaus Pergalė's success is evidenced by multiple awards. The confectionery items produced by the company have earned the highest recognition at numerous competitions. The company's Sostinė liqueur fills were nominated as the best product of the Lithuanian food industry in 1997 and received an award from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

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