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Dec 31, 2015

The Celebration of Life "à la russe"

Throughout the XX century almost all famous fashion designers were resorting to the Russian theme while creating their collections. The first Russian fashion designer who conquered the "western" hearts, was Vyacheslav Zaitsev. In the 70th of the past century his collections based on the Russian ethnical motives drew attention of Pierre Cardin and Mark Bohan from "Dior"; the western mass-media started to call Zaitsev "the leader of the Soviet fashion". Since then and now on Russian style, or gowns with Russian motives, regularly appear in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Dior, Versace, and other famous fashion houses. Gradually, other Russian designers started to gain appreciation abroad, and the "à la russe" style has not been off for many years.


Moscow Dom Modi («Slava Zaitsev» Moscow Fashion House) was founded in 1982 by the prominent Russian couturier Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The enterprise of the European level became the active defender of fashion styles different from the existing stereotypes in Russia.

Those times, he managed to do the impossible. The dream of his life came true: fashion became an independent and autonomous art. Vyacheslav Zaitsev is now the recognized leader of Russian and worldwide fashion, and his Dom Modi turned to be a real center of good taste upbringing where a modern person's look is being designed.

The Dom Modi-based Fashion Theatre is a convincing spectacular form of beauty propaganda. It was Zaitsev who was the first in Russia to start the theatrical shows of collections – model demonstrations in the framework of some plots which have dramatic development, or parodies. It is a specific synthetic genre combining dramaturgy, direction, acting, music. With allegories, the Theatre tells about its understanding of Life, Beauty, and Harmony, taking the spectators above the routine and fuss, involving them into the atmosphere of celebration. Thanks to the Theatre of Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Russian fashion achieved the world standards and took the deserved place next to such acknowledged trendsetters as France and Italy. The Theatre cast is regularly replenished by the actors of the Model Agency founded by the «Slava Zaitsev» Moscow Fashion House, headed by Yegor Zaitsev.

Since 1997, the Fashion Laboratory of Vyacheslav Zaitsev is operating on the basis of Dom Modi. Zaitsev's school is classic-oriented, with introduction of some modern elements. The main objective of tutors is to search for, distinguish and bring up the individual features of young fashion designers. At the annual gala-show the graduates of the Laboratory present their unique collections with great success.

Dom Modi is not only about creation of seasonal collections. At the Individual Tailoring Salon they'll create the unique and only gown with luxurious fabrics especially for you. Outfits by Vyacheslav Zaitsev feature well designed silhouette, sophisticated lines and proportions, amazing plasticity and shape. His collections combine the luxury of the Russian folk costume with sophisticated European silhouettes.

Working on the Russian costume theme, Vyacheslav Zaitsev has created women's ensembles composed of various silhouettes of jackets and skirts made of Pavlovoposadsky woolen shawls. Bright rich colors, complex combinations of ornamental fabrics, fine silhouettes, - all these produce the energy of celebration and joy of living.

The "Nocturne" collection autumn – winter 2016 was conceived as a tribute to love for classical music, as an incarnation of the lyrical and dreamy outlook. Both men's and women's models make a dream of day-to-day's elegancy and respectability come true. Women's evening gowns feature abundance of transparent fabrics, multilayeredness, exquisite provocation, thus creating the image of a tender though decisive woman aware of her beauty and inner power.

The "Patterns of Life" collection spring-summer 2016 is comprised of simple-shaped looks, nevertheless complex by perception, filled with inner deep meanings. The existing overall spirit of a growing crisis is opposed by the bright, emphatically decorative collection, diverse in themes and silhouettes. Gentlemen fond of elegant luxury will find woollen coats and multi-layered ensembles with short jackets, straight trousers, long coats and long vests to be worn atop the coats.

Everyone can order a gown of any assortment group. The best designers and tailors will help you find your individual image. If the client wishes, the Maestro himself, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, can provide an exclusive consultation.

On the ground floor of the Fashion Temple there is a boutique where everyone can purchase exclusive outfits by Vyacheslav Zaitsev. In case the model you chose is not your size, it can be ordered at the Individual Tailoring Salon. Any model can perfectly be fitted to your figure.

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