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Nov 1, 2017


With the rise of hypermarkets and large chains of supermarkets, the city neighbourhoods today fulfil the functions of mere dormitories and street butcheries are a near extinct species.



To counter this reality a British company decided to innovate and to start a service that goes well beyond the mere home delivery, meet Field & Flower's meat subscriptions!

Field & Flower innovates on several fronts, but what caught our eye was the creation of subscriptions for the delivery of gourmet meats to our door. You read it, instead of deciding each week what you need from the butcher, you can just subscribe to one of their deliveries (choosing a pre defined box or creating your own order), scheduled how often you want the fresh meats to be delivered to your door and stop worrying about going to the butcher, Field & Flower takes care of that for you.

What do we mean? Well, the offer is rather wide and the basic staple are high end gourmet products. That's right, F&F works only with organic free range breeders, hunters and delis to assure that your meat has no additives our animals fatten up through flowers and rations. It includes a variety of pork, beef, poultry and lamp and even several options of wild game according to season, no carnivore will be left indifferent to it.

Besides the weekly deliveries option, if you wish you can opt to buy non-periodically boxes on sizes that match your appetite, be it small, medium or large as well as themed boxes, in a matter of speech, such as the "Pork Box", that includes all possible cuts – and some imagined – of that noble animal, on a total of 17 different cuts!

The recyclable thermal boxes of Field & Flower include some details that for sure will caught the attention of those extra careful about what they eat: it includes the identification of the farm where the animal was bred, the race of the animal, when it was killed and when it was butchered and packed.

The theme boxes include several options and, as mentioned, all animals are free range and grass fed, you can even consult on the company's portal on which farms and even get to know the breeders that supply F&F.

Oh, and have we mentioned the fish?

Yes, F&F also works with several traditional fishermen that catch fish by line and the three mains sustainable ports of the area, on their online portal you can have a look at the name of the breeder or fishermen of the animal you're having for dinner, how much more transparent can they be?

We almost forgot the cheeses and the delis… that's right, F&F's offer also includes a solid variety of cheeses and handcrafted sausages and curated meats, including homemade marmalades, meat pies and jams. Plus, if you don't know what to do with the delicious succulent cuts of meat you'll be getting on your front door, Field & Flower's website includes new recipes every week.

The company has over 4,500 active subscriptions and as we write is searching for new investors to expand, it even chose a crowdfunding option to captivate a wider mass of smaller investors amongst its faithful clientele but it's also receptive to bolder investors, something that this new concept will most likely attract be it domestically or internationally.

The company was founded by James Field and James Flower, that knew each other on agricultural college back on 2006 and decided to start Field & Flower on 2010, having a single cow, the Flower family farm on Somerset and a dream. Throughout the last seven years they saw their clientele grow and established partnerships with likeminded breeders that cherish the thought that animals are bred healthier through traditional farming, grass and own harvested cereals fed and, finally, line fishermen dedicated to the sustainability of the environment. 

Contacts * * * Tel: 0203 735 8005

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