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Nov 30, 2015

The Big Heart of a Metal Giant

Metalloinvest is a world leader in production of commercial hot briquetted iron (HBI), the leading manufacturer and supplier of iron ore and metal products, and a regional producer of high quality steel.


Metalloinvest extracts iron ore from the second largest measured iron ore reserve base in the world with approximately 14.4 billion tonnes of proven and probable reserves on a JORC (IMC Montan) equivalent basis and about 150 years of reserve life case the current level of extraction.

The Company is a global player on the market of hot briquetted iron (HBI) and processes a large proportion of its iron ore into high added value products, such as pellets and HBI/DRI.

Metalloinvest comprises of leading iron ore production facilities in Russia – Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK; steel mills – Oskol Elektrometallurgical Plant and Ural Steel; a ferrous scrap enterprise – Ural Scrap Company, as well as assets providing maintenance services and raw materials delivery to the ore mining and metallurgical plants, auxiliary assets inclusive: Metalloinvestleasing, Metalloinvest Finance Limited, Metalloinvest Trading AG, Nautilus Minerals, Baikal Ore Mining Company, Gipromez, Norilsk Nickel.

The Company is one of the leading regional producers of steel, accounting for approximately 7% of total steel production in Russia. OEMK and Ural Steel together produce over 2,000 grades of steel. Metalloinvest is the fifth-largeststeel producer in Russia by volume.

Metalloinvest's sales and marketing operations are centralised. The managing company coordinates the Company's operations in the market, their production policy and external shipments, thereby achieving market synergies and increasing the efficiency of production.

The Company strives to maintain a favourable social environment in the regions where it is present and at each of its plants. Metalloinvest provides stable employment for more than 62 thousand employees and assists in solving actual problems in the regions where it operates.

Sustainable development combines long-term economic success of the Company with environmental protection, safety and health of employees and their families, and social responsibility.

Consistently high quality of products, compliance with legal and ethical norms in relations to employees and other stakeholders, establishment of working relationships with local administrations in the regions where the Company operates have always been areas drawing increased attention from Metalloinvest's senior management and are the priority areas for the Company's social activities.

A competitive wage, safe working conditions, high level of production automatisation, holidays, and employee healthcare are central to the Company's stability.

One of the factors ensuring the success of Metalloinvest's social responsibility policy is The Collective Agreement (between an employee and the employer). The agreement guarantees the rights of employees to safe working conditions, holidays, treatment at health resorts and recovery clinics, compensation for hazardous working conditions, support in difficult life situations, and other benefits.

Each year, the Company awards vouchers to health resorts in Russia to approximately 10,000 employees. The Company devotes much attention to the children and families of its employees: financial support is available for mothers, large families, and employees on paternity and maternity leave for up to three years. Company enterprises offer social support to their retired former employees. A corporate pension scheme is being developed with the intention of building pension funds through employer and employee contributions. The Company owns over 20 social establishments, including health centres, holiday resorts, children's camps, and sport, cultural and catering facilities.

Metalloinvest implements a wide range of projects addressing ecological problems. Metalloinvest's environmental policy seeks to identify optimal technological solutions that allow it to minimise the impact of production operations on ecosystems in regions, in which the Company's enterprises are located.

The use of the latest scientific advances and most up-to-date mining and processing technology, while also employing strict environmental controls, allows it to conduct its business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

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