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Sep 1, 2015

The best hotels demand the best equipment

Miko Hotel Services provides the best hospitality equipment in Russia and has provided the best hotels in the country with its top products.


Having a reliable, effective supplier is one of the main objectives for any hospitality business. Equipment will be used over and over again and everyone expects them to work properly and without any problems.

Miko Hotel Services has been dealing with hotel equipment for over a decade and has equiped some of the best hotels in Russia and abroad. The company started its business in 2006 and now holds one of the leading positions in the market. The company's head office is in Moscow with additional offices and storage facilities in Saint Petersburg and Sochi, which allows for and extended geographic coverage within Russia.

MIKO Hotel Services focuses on providing high quality operating supplies & equipment (OS&E) to meet the needs of business and luxury hotels as well as restaurants. The company also offers a wide range of goods from bedding, bathroom and hotel room accessories to tableware.

Although only 4 or 5% of the total hotel construction budget is typically allocated for OS&E goods, the number of individual product lines is large (anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 unique product lines).

With extensive experience in maintaining hotel brand standards, budgeting, selection of samples and suppliers, intensive cooperation with more than 50 manufacturers worldwide, as well as in logistics management and smooth shipment and delivery of goods, hotel operators using MIKO affectively reduce their project risks.

The wide range of goods supplied by MIKO Hotel Services is from the world's leading manufacturers of hotel accessories and equipment such as Aliseo, Dometic, Ada Cosmetics, Mühldorfer, Handon, and Detay Tekstil; practically all on an exclusive basis.

International hotel operators trust MIKO Hotel Services as confirmed by the extensive reference list of the Company.

MIKO Hotel Services provides the full service all the way from creation of OS&E nomenclature, right up to the point of delivery, including detailed budgeting, budget optimization, sampling, selection of suppliers, contract execution for the delivery of goods and services.

MIKO Hotel Services managers support clients at each stage of their project ensuring timely implementation of goals and objectives.


Hotel room
The mission of MIKO Hotel Services is to ensure the most comfortable experience for your guests. All goods delivered by MIKO Hotel Services are distinguished by their unique design, high quality and functionality, ease of use and maintenance. All products comply with quality, safety and environmental protection standards and regulations. Product innovations help to maximize room comfort to satisfy even the most refined taste. Give your guests some comfort and coziness. In this category Miko supplies bedding and linen, room supplies, safes and minibars.

Bathrooms play an important role to all hotel guests. Functional and stylish bathroom accessories ensure all the customer´s desires are met. MIKO Hotel Services' partners create unique products designed to complement the class and style of the hotel. Electric appliances are provided at the highest quality level and competitive pricing. Products in this category include: hotel textiles, cosmetics and accessories.

Food and Beverage
MIKO Hotel Services seeks to create a pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant.  It offers a wide range of glassware, porcelain, wine glasses and accessories, cutlery, bar glassware, crockery and table linen. All goods are distinguished by their modern and elegant design and functionality, creating a unique style and atmosphere of the restaurant.

Uniforms constitute an important element of the hospitality philosophy and hotel image. Personnel appearance should always meet the highest standards and comply with the hotel's style and philosophy.

Hotel cleanliness is a cornerstone of good reviews and a guarantee of successful business. MIKO Hotel Services offers a wide range of professional housekeeping and cleaning equipment, with different designs of cleaning and laundry trolleys with all accessories supplied directly from the manufacturers.

Kitchen equipment
MIKO Kitchen Professionals supplies professional kitchen equipment of leading German manufacturers and offers a full range of services, including consulting, kitchen area design, project management, logistics, installation, iarranty and maintenance of kitchen equipment and express spare part delivery.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning
MIKO Hotel Services offers a full range of services in this category, including consulting, design of laundry and dry cleaning premises, project management, logistics, installation, warranty and maintenance and express spare part delivery

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