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Feb 1, 2017


It is said that, at least, one third of our lives is spent sleeping. Sleep is one of the most important parts of our lives because it's during sleep that we free from the hormones which cause stress, and it is also during sleep we regenerate skin, muscles and bones.


Fortunately, there are those who worry with people sleeping quality, as it happens with this Swedish brand, founded in 1852, in Köping, Sweden. Hästens manufactures excellence beds, that are considered the best in the world.

The company portfolio includes ten bed models. One first and less accurate and informed, exception made to some of them, doesn't distinguish the models easily, due to the utilisation of the blue chess pattern. The ten models are divided along three bed typologies: Scandinavian, Continental and Articulated.

The Scandinavian bed type shows a mattress integrated onto the chassis and divides along three models: "Marquis", "Excel" and "Superia" which also sub-divides to the model "Superia Round" which, as the name says, has a different shape.

The Continental type has a separate bed and chassis. Out of this typology, the most wanted models at a world level are "Luxuria", "Auroria", "Proferia" (which also can be presented in a round model), "2000T" and "Vividus". Being the last of these, one of the visiting cards from the company.

The name of the third type – Articulated, also reflects what type of bed it is: it can be articulated and, for that purpose, it is divided in four parts, so it can be articulated and modelled to the desirable shape. The models have names like "Lenoria" and "Novoria" and show differences in the bed chassis, as well as the horse hair quality and the height of the springs. All electronics used in the articulation of this model comes from out of the company, as there is no know-how, nor is that the brands objective.

All the brands models are manufactured at Köping factory, per request. This means there is no accumulated stock, as well as all products are immediately disposed of after production. Each bed is individually manufactured, thus assuring the quality and exclusiveness of each piece. In addition to it, each component of a certain bed, is identified with a file, which goes along all the production process and, in the end, gets registered in a final file delivered along with the product to the customer.

And now, the fascinating part. The customer can choose the firmness that intends to have in the mattress, being that, each mattress can have two types of firmness. Thus, one can choose to have a firmer side and the other more smooth and soft. The mattresses are built with horse hair, cotton, wool, linen, and are hand sewed. In the process, only the highest quality products are used. Beyond that, the springs are manufactured per a patented process and can have six, eight or ten coils, according with the requested mattress height.

In the chassis production, navy construction processes are used, with nails against hard wood for the necessary fittings. The most elaborated models consume nearly 160 work hours and involve about two hundred workers.

It is important to refer that, the brands beds hold a 25 years' guarantee and, until the actual date, there is no register of some being damaged, unless for misuse. These are the reasons leading to a "Hästens Vividus" bed, the brands most expensive model, costs 60.000 euros, and the cheapest of them ("Naturally" model), costs close to 2.500 euros.

If you think that, this Swedish company is dedicated only to building beds, let us tell that it isn't so. Hästens also produces over-mattresses, duvets, sheet, pillows, bathrobes, slippers, among other products for make you feel good in warmth of the home.

For curiosity, Hästens became the Swedish Royal House supplier in 1952 and, nowadays it is still managed by the fifth generation of the original brand founder. With over 350 sales spots in the world, the manufacturer produces, currently, over 40 thousand beds a year, which match a yearly income of over 55 million euros. One could almost guarantee that, who lie down in a Hästens bed, fall asleep immediately.

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