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Jul 1, 2015

Body Warmer

Cacti are a very important piece of culture and history in Mexico. In the pre-Hispanic era, a cactus named maguey was considered a representation of Mayahuel, goddess of inebriation, and was associated with the moon and the feminine, vegetation and its circle of life. The drink brewed from this cactus could only be taste in special occasions by the tlatoani (governor), elders or priests.

Today, the practice goes on, except that the brew is made from the agave cactus. It is Tequila we are talking about. 

Back in the colonial times, it was forbidden to produce wine in American land, but the fact that it was done anyway, and loved for that matter, the Spanish crown authorized the production of the drink, taking in conseideration the adhesion of the population to the drink, and so the mezcal wine of Tequila became very famed. After the independence of Mexico in 1821, tequila became the national drink, surpassing the success of Spanish wines. 

Today, tequila is known throughout the globe, and appreciated by every circle. Tourism has developed around the drink, with a train that starts its trail in Guadalajara and stops at the best tequila distilleries, and the Tequila Trail, a trail that passes through the land and some distilleries.

In this area around the town of Tequila is where the entirety of tequila in the whole world is produced. Over 220 000 000 liters a year of the drink is exported from here, since from 1978 the "Appellation of Origin Tequila" was implemented, which decrees that any brew from agave made anywhere else cannot be named as such. Tequila is a national symbol and an international drink, it is meant to be tasted and sipped, with a centuries age history that portrays the culture of a country.

Tres cuatro y cinco

This tequila comes from a careful process of blending tequilas made from 100 percent Weber Blue agave, and aged three, four and five years of maturing in casks that previously contained Sherry and Californian Red Wines. It is manufactured by the Fonseca family of Jalisco, Mexico, the fourth generation of the family to grow and distil tequila, at Tequileña, a tequila distillery.

The amazing elaboration brings up the qualities of the Blue-Agave and of the fine woods of aging casks, which over time will capture the unique and mature profile that the thorough and delicate "ensamble "or blend has provided.

Its lead free crystal, 100% handmade, created by Alonso González Jr., and only 1,000 bottles have been produced, each signed and numbered by the artist, making not only the bottle, but also the tequila inside, a very special collector's item. This tequila is smooth and classy, making it perfect for sipping. 


ALC. VOL .:43.5º

AGING: Blend of Vintage Tequilas of 3, 4 and 5 years of maturity.

BODY: Bodied, thick and creamy.

COLOR:Dark amber, with mahogany shades.

AROMA:Ripe agave with hints of sandalwood.

TASTE: fine elegance of roast and noble woods, intense on the palate with notes of coffee and walnut, great intensity and persistence.


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