Feb 29, 2016

Taking Perfection Farther

Tip, point, vertex, summit or peak are some of the words that mean Apex. In golf, this term represents excellence and unrivalled performance. Taking this very seriously, the Callaway Golf Company created the Apex Pro Irons, defined as the ultimate in forged performance. Let's know some of the best golf clubs that top golfers bring in the game´s bag.


The satisfaction of seeing a ball follow the precise flight path visualized by the golfer is an everyday challenge for Callaway Golf Company. Based in Carlsbad, California (United States of America), this enterprise designs, creates and builds premium golf equipment to make every golfer a better golfer. 

Apex Pro Irons are Callaway's premium forged irons, with soft response feel, quadruple net forging, and 1025 mild carbon steel. In 2016 Callaway introduced progressive Center of Gravity (CG), tungsten inserts to lower CG for higher launch, or heighten CG for a controlled penetrating trajectory. 

The Apex CF16 is defined by shape, elegancy, balance, gracefulness, and precision, engineered with industry-leading, category-defining Cup 360 technology to give consistent ball speed across the face and playability in a forged players iron. 

The first Hybrid for the Apex has precision shaping and neutral CG bias. Speed and distance came from a forged face cup made from Carpenter 455© steel.

The Great Big Bertha Drivers are seen as the next frontier in driver design, built to get the most distance for all golfers. This advanced adjustable driver has a light, fast, stable chassis unlike any other. Its combination of Next Gen R.MOTO technology, thinner face for extraordinary high ball speed, aerodynamic head shape, forged composite crown, and multi-material lightweight design, is the key for higher speed. Adjustable sliding weight on the perimeter of the clubhead adds more forgiveness, stability and control, combined with an Optifit hosel for easily adjust the loft, lie, and face angle.

The MD3 Milled Wedges line have three grinds and grooves to give versatility in every shot, course condition and swing. The C Grind was designed for firmer conditions and versatility around the green, the heel and toe relief allow for a variety of shots, especially opening up the face and keeping the leading edge low. The S Grind is great for a wide range of conditions, shot types and swings (from more steep to more sweep moderate divot). Finally, the W Grind is indicated for soft conditions or for steep angles to the ball. Playable in all types out of all bunkers. 

The Joy of the Game in Your Hands

Callaway Golf was founded in 1982 by Ely Callaway, a visionary entrepreneur who operated under the following business promise: deliver demonstrably superior, pleasingly different products and services. This philosophy turned what was originally a boutique manufacturer of high-quality wedges and putters into the world's largest maker of premium, performance golf products, but the aim remained the same: to deliver the best performing products the game has ever known—products that perform so well, they literally put the joy of the game in your hands. Callaway manufactures and sells golf clubs and balls, golf apparel, footwear and accessories in at least 110 countries. Always with social responsibility principles in mind, the company provides safe working conditions, treats workers with respect and uses responsible manufacturing processes. The Callaway Foundation, a non-profit organization that donated more than USD $13 million to charities, is an example of these principles as well, believing that they help every golf lover to have the confidence to experience the rush of watching a 25-foot putt disappear into the cup. 

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