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Apr 1, 2015

Tailoring gentlemen's fashion for generations

Saville Row congregates the highest number of tailors in London, and while ready-to-wear suits are available all over the city, this is still the place to go if you want a customized, high quality suit for your everyday use.


With many suit tailors and men's fashion brands and products, why would someone still head to Saville Row and order a suit? Well, if you're looking for clothing individually measured, fitted, made and finished for the individual customer, then you have to visit the bespoke tailors there, who follow the same traditional methods and techniques for over two hundred years.

There are over thirty bespoke tailors in London's tiny street of Saville Row. Located just beside Regent Street, it's a paradise for men who look for exclusive clothing. Since the opening of the first tailor house in Saville Row, about two centuries ago, when shops like Henry Poole & Co. started its businesses. The street was notorious for its doctors and surgeons, but the arrival of shops made all the health professionals move to other places, leaving the Row available to more tailors and traders. And the street became one of the most exclusive places in London.

Saville Row tailors have supplied the British royal family for generations and still do today. The Prince of Wales is dressed by Anderson & Sheppard for more than 30 years, and has recently visited its tailor for the first time.

Apprenticeship is a very important component for the professionals in Saville Row. Not long ago, children would try to be accepted as apprentices, learning the art of tailoring for several years before they could cut their first suit by themselves, symbolizing the end of apprenticeship and the beginning of a career that would span for several decades.

Presently, Saville Row is a pearl in the center of London, and in its vicinity you can find great restaurants to have a good meal, traditional English barber shops – for a carefully trimmed look – and other interesting corners. 

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