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Oct 31, 2015

Sweet fruity jams

In 1998 the company started their own production, purchasing and modernizing the former Vegetable and Fruit Unit from Aiud (Alba County) and in 2002 took the responsibility to lead away Arovit brand, with the acquisition of the factory in Valea lui Mihai – an agricultural emblem of Bihor country.


Their vision is valued in Romania, a fact attested by the charts made over the years by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, the National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises and by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cluj County.

They are committed to take actions in the local communities where they are present, providing jobs for hundreds of people, as well as market sale for local farmer's products. Their everyday mission is to preserve the tradition and the Romanian taste in each product manufactured in their factories.

Arovit has implemented and certified Integrated Management System of quality and safety of Food, according to the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. These certifications were granted by SRAC and are recognized internationally, as a result of the partnership with IQNet (The International Certification Network) – the largest international network of certification services.

At a national level, the distribution is structured on client categories, comprising agreed distributors on a contract basis in each county; retail - supermarkets and hypermarkets of multinational commercial chains; Industrial users - companies that use their bakery products in the manufacturing process; Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés.

Internationally, Arovit products can be found in stores in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada and United States of America. The brand is present today in Romanian and international market due to the partnerships developed with the customers and vendors.

Every day they focus in finding, selecting and preserving the best fruits of the land, inspired by the clients, supporting and motivating them to keep alive the tradition of Arovit and to provide you with products of the highest quality.


Arovit combined tastes and nostalgia and adapted them to the rhythm of our times, without stealing anything from the flavor or the scent of grandmother's jams and without compromising the quality.


Not only tasty but healthy, Arovit jams preserve the flavor of fruits and will give flavor to your cakes or breakfast.

Apricot jam: Apricots are an important food for the heart's health; they lower blood pressure and combat physical and intellectual fatigue. You will feel the freshness of the scented fruit in the Apricot Jam from Arovit.

Wild berries jam: Anytime you're craving for a dessert, try Wild Berries Jam from Arovit! Colorful and scented, forest fruits are healthy, dietary and very tasty.

Rosehip paste: It is said that rosehips are a cure for ... a hundred diseases. Although considered forest fruits, rosehips do not resemble these. Smooth and flavored, the rosehip paste from Arovit is also unmistakable.

ECO Confitures

Organic confitures from Arovit are prepared exclusively from fresh fruit from the spontaneous flora of the Apuseni Mountains, certified as organic fruits.

Cranberries and sea-buckthorn: The tart-tangy taste of sea-buckthorn hides a treasure for health and the cranberries are considered miraculous from ancient times.

The blueberry and sea-buckthorn: Health comes down the mountains, from the Apuseni Mountains. The blueberry and sea-buckthorn Eco confiture from Arovit encloses the entire solar energy captured by these wonderful from the uplands where they grew.

Wild berries and sea-buckthorn: Colorful and scented, forest fruits are healthy, dietary and very tasty. The wild berries and sea-buckthorn Eco confiture from Arovit brings extra flavor to your desserts.

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