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Mar 1, 2017


Are you tired of those brand sneakers which look the same as all the other from your best friends?! Yes, the ones you wear when you reach the end of the day and you need some rest for your feet. So, this article is for you, discover the brand that brings comfort, design, ecology and uniqueness.

Of all the human body parts, it's most likely to be the feet we demand the most effort in our daily lives. And, whether we like it or not, there is a natural and comfort and well-being in using no shoes at all, however, as society demands it, we have the need to find the most practical and comfortable solution. By following this idea Roth Martin and Stephen Hawthornthwaite came up with the proposition of building a female shoe which could be at the same time elegant, practical, comfortable, functional, socially accepted and, above all, nature friendly. Thus was born, in San Francisco, United States, Rothy's.

A Rothy's shoe combines the use of unusual materials in building a shoe: recycled rubber and foam, and water bottles.

Wow! Say again? Water bottles?

Starting from the 3D knitting technology, it was possible to create a new product which makes the reuse of plastic water bottles, to produce a soft fibre which is easily convertible into a waterproof, breathable and light fabric.

Each Rothy's shoe is handmade, adding a recycled rubber outsole and a sponge insole, also recycled, to the cover composed by this fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles.

The shoes are presented in 17 colours, plain or patterned, and only two models: "Flat" and "Point". The "Flat" model is more casual, rounded at the front and more suitable to an active and shaky woman. The "Point" model was created to the woman who needs a more classic look. As the name says, it's front is pointy, wearable at any daily activity, as well as it goes along with formal clothing. You will certainly feel unique, stylish and environmentally friendly.

The shoes are washable in any washing machine, and thanks to the materials used in it, they are quickly dryable.

And even after being used for a long, long time, theses shoes can be delivered at any representative store, to be dismantled and recycled again, so they can give birth to a new pair of shoes.

Contacts: * P.O. Box 29430 * San Francisco CA 94129

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