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Aug 1, 2015

Strawberries everywhere!

There's a place in the world where you can truly say that there are fields of strawberries until where the eye can see. That place is Finland! Here, you can pick the best wild strawberries yourself, from the very many farms throughout the country.


If you look it up on the internet, there are hundreds of compliments to these little red berries. Wild berries in Finland are very common, and the strawberries grow here are among the best in the world. Especially the wild ones. It is the most important soft fruit crop in Finland. 

Suprinsigly, the Scandinavian weather is what makes these so savory. The cold nights after the long summer days help them mature to perfection of flavor and color. 

There are thirty seven varieties of edible berries grow in Finland. And even in the neighboring countries some of them are very rare! The harsh growing conditions in Finland lead to the berries' stronger development in terms of compounds. This makes them healthier than other countries' berries. 

Wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca)

There are a delicacy. It the origin of the cultivated berry, and can be found growing in several places, especially by sandy roads in quiet areas. Strawberry farms are common, and the peak time for them is July. There are patches of wild, tiny, shiny strawberries, easy to spot and the usual way to carry them is to string them so as not to ruin them, if you want to take them home. No judging if you prefer to pick and eat! They are so much sweeter and rich flavored than the cultivated strawberries! 

Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa)

This is a less tasty, but still delicious variety. They are cultivated, do not grow in the wild freely, and are bigger than the wild strawberries. From June to August is their time of harvest, july being the high point of quality. The most sweet and tasty of the cultivated strawberry are the "Rumba" and "Polka".

The strawberry in Finland is appreciated in several different confections: strawberry cakes, ice cream or strawberry jam, the panoply of foods is endless. But if you like them au naturelle, you can always eat them with a little sugar or cream! It is the best way to really taste the flavor.

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