Mar 1, 2015

Spraying for 91 years

Well known in it's markets, TOMIX is a portuguese company dedicated to manufacture some of the best agricultural equipments available. From sprayers to electrical vehicles that can be used on the factory floor, the brand has a wide range of choices to be looked at.

TOMIX was established in 1924 by founder Francisco Xavier Damião who starts manufacturing hand knapsack sprayers in a small village near the Portuguese town of Torres Vedras. In 1955, Francisco Damião expands his activity and starts also manufacturing cellar equipment 

The TOMIX brand was introduced in 1962, when the company starts selling motorized knapsack sprayers, who take this new name. Eight years later "Indústrias Metalomecânicas Xavier Damião, Lda" is created, specializing on equipments for crops treatment and personal protection, increasing its range of products and aquiring a distinguished brand awareness all over the national market by 1974, when the "Carnation Revolution" shifted Portugal's regime.

During 1980, TOMIX starts a new equipment range. Owning all the required equipment for its manufacture - pointing out rotational moulding, automatic lathes and transfers - TOMIX introdices its High Pressure Washers, both cold and hot flow. 1985 witnesses the introduction of grain stocking and drying equipment into the market

The greatest change in TOMIX's history happened in 1997, when JOPER aquired 75% of the company's capital. The new owners of TOMIX were already a well established company, on the manufacture of machines and equipments for agricultural purposes, wich allowed to create a homogenous team in the area of agricultural mechanics, providing mutual advantages for both enterprises.

JOPER's aquisition of TOMIX was followed in 1998 with a name change, embeding the brand, introduced 36 years prior, into its formal denomination. Thus, "TOMIX - Indústria de Equipamentos Agrícolas e Industriais, Lda." is born. The two Companies begin operations of the new Northern Delegation aimed to increase the market share in the north of Portugal and Galicia (Spain) markets. This was the what gives a prompt reply to the strong improvement perceived by both Enterprises during the last years.

The opening of the Northern Delegation is parte of both companies investment project aimed on increasing the quality of products and services avalable to costumers. This way TOMIX and JOPER can provide a better service, decreasing delivery delays and increasing assistance speed.

For over ninety years TOMIX has always followed an investment strategy on quality control and new technological concepts, through research and development, to provide their clients, either the home market or exports, with the highest quality products and services in order to help them improve and profit with their own crops.

With 68 workers and a 4.500 m2 covered plant, TOMIX comprises a very diversified range of products: sprayers, atomizers, fogg sprayers, manure sprayers, spreaders, cutting Compressors, High Pressure Washers cold and hot flow, industrial vacuum-cleaners and sweepers. 

Presently, TOMIX is planning a new factory, with a 90.000 m2 covered area, which will boost production output, in order to meet the increasing demands from markets like Spain, France and the Portuguese speaking African countries.

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