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Oct 1, 2016


Marketed by mahabis, the XXI Century slippers have italian sole but are produced in Portugal. They stand out in the market for comfort, simplicity and functionality, and are designed to be a reflection of global heritage.


In July 2014 a brand was launched that wants to reinvent the traditional slippers. Mahabis is based in London, and sells slippers that are produced in Portugal, but have Italian sole.

The Mahabis are slippers designed for the XXI Century. They feature a wide range of detachable soles that can be used inside, and outside, soft heels, and a unique design. The brand points out, however, that the product was primarily destined to be used at home, and designed to promote comfort, and relaxation.

For Mahabis, these slippers reflect the global heritage, so style and functionality were thought in detail, to make a positive impact on the daily wellbeing. "By promoting small daily experiences, we can improve the whole" can be read at the online store, at

One of the features that differentiates mahabis is that the slippers are unisex. In addition, the upper section lined in wool is lightweight, and breathable. The heel is made of soft neoprene and the sole is produced in TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). There are three models available: "Classic", for the summer; "Luxury", which feature a simple, functional design, without neglecting the beauty and comfort. However, the sporty and practical style prevails.

The Classic summer mahabis cost about 92 EUR, while the Luxury model is sold for 174 EUR. There are also limited editions, which cost around EUR 104. Each additional pair of soles can be purchased by 17 EUR at the brand's website.

One of the priority projects of the Mahabis team, composed of people from different nationalities, is also developing products for children, and increase the customer number, present in 150 countries, from where it has already received orders.

Scandinavian minimalism

The design and production process is based on Scandinavian minimalism, where functionality, shape, and clean lines are the starting point that is the inspiration for each model.

Also to point out a curious aspect: in order to assist in the buying process, the brand offers tips at their website on how to select the correct size. All you have to do is place an A4 piece of paper on the floor, with the short end facing the wall; then, put your foot on the sheet, with the heel against the wall and mark the maximum length; measure the distance between the mark, and the edge of the sheet; finally, compare that number with the size guide provided by Mahabis.

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