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янв 1, 2018


In the present times, an average working person, spends more than eight hours a day either sitting in the office, in the sofa or in the coffee shop, for a break with friends.


Sometimes (many times, as matter of fact), even at home, we have a chair in the kitchen, which is different than the one in the dining room, which is different from the home office, which is different from those in the garden.

Add this to the usual lack of space and we have a problem that can be solved easily, with the help of Dutch designer Sander Lorier.

In his studio, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Sander tries to integrate clever functionality into design products, using a minimal, carefully handcrafted materials. From the several ideas, projects and daily objects he designs, we chose this Hybrid Chair.

It is a lounge chair which can quickly turn into a desk chair and back again. It all depends on the use you might want to give it. It's specially designed for those who don't want to use different chairs or simply don't have the space in the house, but still want the comfort of a relaxing and active seating position.

The frame of the Hybrid Chair is made of solid oak and totally handcrafted in the Netherlands. As for upholstery, Lorier uses fabrics supplied by Danish Kvadrat.

There are two options for the chair: Comfort and Deluxe. The only difference is that the Comfort chair can only be set manually to the top or bottom position, while the Deluxe model uses a pneumatic piston which allows the user to set it at any height he chooses. It even allows the user to remain seated while lowering the chair.

Studio Lorier is an online brand that makes unique designs for of daily use products, turning them into surprising, fun and diversified products, and adding them an extra value which will make you want to keep them longer, either for their functionality or simple the joy and fun to use them.

Contacts * www.studiolorier.com * Burgemeester Bosstraat 46 – 3043GD, Rotterdam – Netherlands *

Tel: +316-10763377

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