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Dec 1, 2017


Catastrophic Creations had a humble beginning. In 2013, Mike and Megan, a couple, started the company in their guestroom, on a third floor with two saws, extreme good will and the intent of building furniture for cats that was completely different from the standards we got used to on any store or supermarket.



Their first creation was the "Indiana Jones Bridge" for cats and, since then, business grew in such a way that this year their factory and its nine employees are no longer enough for the amount of orders they are getting.

The adventure began with their first cat. While searching for scratchers and other furniture that would adjust to their apartment they noticed that most patterns and designs repeated itself, the only difference worth mentioning being the brand, and there was no choice of personalization nor diversity. Such led them to take up woodworking skills on a fully self-taught fashion and trying to create their own models. That being done, and since the feline apparently loved their creations, they started selling it on Etsy, a portal that allows peer to peer sales of handcrafted goods.

The reception was so overwhelmingly positive that what was a hobby aimed at cheering their domestic cat (meanwhile they now have three cats) became a business opportunity too good for Mike and Megan ignore. They created even more furniture aimed at cheering the feline's boredom, with a highlight on modular furniture that allows their clients to assemble it freely according to their own tastes and that of their cats.

One of the options was to pick their first creation – the "Indiana Jones Bridge" – creating a series of accessories that render it possible to turn any domestic walls into a mix of a theme park and a relaxation area for even the most demanding kitten. The structures available so far on the market were clumsy and big and ended up taking too much space on the living room, hall way, bedroom or covered balcony of the average city home. By creating a concept that takes advantage of the walls and releases the ground, made the sky, almost literally, the limit (well, the ceiling on this particular case).

Not only does this sort of furniture appeal to the primal instinct of the cat to explore and climb to higher grounds, as it also turns your walls into real acrobatic scratchers, thanks to its several options on the materials used, that will be far more attractive for your cat to sharpen its finger nails than your household mattresses, couches and chairs. It also solves the sedentary issues that are the main cause for obesity and subsequent health problems for most domestic cats.

Besides the wood and canvas platforms and the rope bridges, Catastrophic Creations includes on its modules offer other options of personalization, according to the owners and the cats tastes, with an availability of bed structures, hatches, scratchers, plane replicas, feeders and even cat weed vases that can be added to any of its modules.

Catastrophic Creations even includes a small starters manual that helps you select the modules that are more suitable to you home and to your cat's taste, based on temper and size of your feline, behaviour you might wish to correct (did we mention they have great nail options besides your couch? It's always worth remembering it). This section includes a description module by module to help you decide what's more suitable. With a new growth in production on the horizon, given that its current resorts hardly fulfil its orders, and the fact that the company still lacks a distributor overseas, although they ship directly to customers all over the world, their example will surely captivate the partnerships and resources needed to keep its innovation and take to felines all over the planet.

Contacts * questions@catastrophicreations.com * www.catastrophiccreations.com * Tel: (616) 583-814

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