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Aug 1, 2016

Sandals That are Works of Art

Considered a must have, Capri sandals celebrate the 70th anniversary. They are manufactured on the Italian island Capri for the world, and inspired by real women. The care dedicated to each pair, and the products used make each pair of sandals a true work of art.


The most famous sandals in the world were born in the homonymous Island, Capri, in 1946. For 70 years, the Canfora family has produced unique sandals that stand out for their beauty and durability. They are simple but have elegant details. They highlight the look of those who wear them, and therefore, are very sought for.

Amedeo Canfora founded, at Via Camerelle, the shop where he made by hand his very first sandals, that quickly gained followers, such as Maria Callas, Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy. The knowledge and passion for the craft passed on from parents to children, and the business is now in the hands of the 3rd generation.

"Handmande in Capri, just for you" is the slogan that moves this company distinguished for the quality and elegance of the materials used, because these are all 100% Italian. The soles are strong because they are made of Italian leather supported by an iron arch. The heals are made of leather coated by rubber, while the straps have calf or goat peel. The highest quality Italian custom jewellery, with which they are embellished, gives them the final touch, that makes them a charming shoe.

Distinguished product

Because they are hand-stitched, and consequently don't have glue or plastic, Capri sandals distinguish themselves on the market. The manufacturing process begins in soles which, being composed of several layers, maintains the shape despite the years and frequent use.

When, in the 1940s, he began manufacturing sandals, Amedeo Canfora made them almost shallow, 0.9 inches. The traditional model remained, for being ideal to walk up and down the island, but there is also the possibility to choose wedge sandals of 2.0 or 2.4 inches.

The "Capri" sandals are sent to various parts of the World. They are not in stock, they are produced after the order is placed online at On the website, it is possible to see various models, their prices and customization options. Each pair is unique. It is important that the client visits the section "How to choose your sandals" where, besides the correspondent sizes (standard, Canfora size, US size) the models can be found in printable document format, in order to compare with the client's own foot.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Capri sandals, a special edition was launched, inspired by the history of the brand, where it is possible to find the "Jacqueline" sandal for 386,704 USD or the "Gail Grace" by 165,724 USD. There are other categories such as Antiqua, inspired by Ancient Rome, that are always fashionable, and the "To The Beach", suitable for a beach day.

Jackie Kennedy inspired the model

Amedeo Canfora took the care of treating every client with the same discretion. Jackie Kennedy was perhaps the only person to have received a different treatment, after asking the founder to open the store at midnight, just for her, so that she could choose a pair of sandals in private. It was following that request that the artisan created the K model, which stands out for being simultaneously simple, and chic, just like the woman it takes inspiration from. The model has since then been included in every collection. It is, actually, one of the most popular. More recently, and in the category "First Lady", there are also the "Michelle" sandals, which can be bought for 309,361USD.

The store continues to operate on the renowned street, that has other shops which sell accessories and luxury clothing, but maintained the artisan workshop look. The brand's work is advertised in the website, where it is possible to subscribe to the newsletter, to stay atop of all the news, and on social networks Facebook and Twitter. It is simple to stay trendy with elegance, charm and simplicity of an exclusive bespoke model, like a work of art.


CANFORA SNC - Via Camerelle 3 - 80073 CAPRI – ITALY

Tel.: +39 081 837 0487

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